An Under-Farmed Airdrop Opportunity on Injective with AI Narrative

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Dive into the world of Timeworx and discover how simple tasks can fill your digital wallet.

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May 14, 2024
May 14

This is something you cannot afford to miss, let’s go! Let’s take a look at

  • What Timeworx is?
  • How to participate in their 7M $TIX airdrop rewards?

Timeworx is set to become the Leading Decentralized Data Processing Platform that is on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and AI by leveraging decentralized environments where users can utilize their time to solve simple and repetitive tasks that machines cannot solve

Here are 2 ways to qualify for their airdrop:

1. Loyalty Program: 7 Million $TIX Party

2. Massive 16M $TIX Airdrop for stakers of $INJ $TIA and $EGLD on PartnerStaking

One of the best ways to qualify for the airdrop is you can also go to One Click Airdrop Tracker and choose the tasks from the Airdrop Checklist.

Earn While You Learn

Users can monetize their time by earning $TIX — their product utility token. Ultimately, the task solutions provide labeled data for machine learning. The focus is to transform data labeling into a fun and engaging activity that people can enjoy and earn in their spare time.

The dApp is currently deployed on the Injective Testnet and the MultiversX Devnet, but they are very close to the mainnet launch.

This is your final opportunity to participate in this underfarmed opportunity that crosses the hot INJ x AI narrative.

Shape the Future of AI 🌟

Their vision is to create a space where everyone can contribute to a more ethical, open and mutually equitable future of AI development guided by three objectives: AI that is fair, privacy-enhancing and trusted.

Timeworks is dedicated to creating an AI that’s fair, respects your privacy, and most importantly, earns your trust. It’s not just technology; it’s technology with a heart.

Ready to Jump In? 🌊

Don’t miss out on testing the dApp on the Injective Testnet. Sign up here and be part of something big. Curious for more? Their whitepaper offers a deep dive into their tech. Join the conversation on Telegram and Discord, or stay updated through their social media and blog.

For more information about the project:


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