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Can You Earn Passive Income With NFT Trading Bots?

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Customize your trading bot, earn money while you sleep, and have the most extraterrestrial crypto experience…

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One Click Crypto
December 8, 2021
Dec 8

We LOVE technology! We also love the lucrative possibilities that innovations can bring us, and that’s why we started One Button two years ago.

Connecting Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain and making trading bots that are entirely powered by deep learning was revolutionary!

We also made it so easy that you just needed one click to start earning…

Did we stop there? Absolutely not! We kept tackling obstacles in the highly-volatile markets with newer and better ML models, we’ve launched our own token, and now we’re changing the Meta, Crypto, DeFi industries… for good!

Don’t waste time — join our Discord today to be one of the first to get whitelisted!

Enter: OBVerse — NFT Skins To Empower Your AI Trading Bots And Earn You Passive Income!

Code is everywhere. The pixels you see on your screen, the Bitcoins in your wallet, and even the magic workers in your AI bots that bring you profits — everything is code.

Putting an image to the trading mechanism is one of the trademarks of OB. As a result, our investors distinguish the bots easier, plus we give each one a unique identity (we also use neat names like Ascendant, Astral, etc.).

In 2021 NFTs made a breakthrough as a novel way of making money in crypto. For One Button, this isn’t an opportunity to ride the jpeg trend but rather an actual growth strategy to broaden the OBVerse.

It’s time to look at what makes OB NFTs unique, how can they help you earn passive income, and what it means for our token-driven ecosystem?

NFT AI Trading Bots In Solid Form (Star Wars Inspired)
Photo by TOMMY VAN KESSEL on Unsplash

More Than Pretty Images

The first most obvious benefit of OB NFTs will be the possibility to have a cosmetic improvement of your trading AI bots. Tired of having eight identical Performer bots? Well, know you’ll be able to get a unique skin that will go with each of your machine learning software.

Shortlist of a few of the benefits from owning an OB NFT:

  • Full ownership of the NFT on the Blockchain (you can list, sale or keep)
  • Create a trading bot that’s one of a kind (visually and performance-wise)
  • Feed your NFT trading bot with $OBT tokens (win rewards on the ladder)
  • Enjoy discounts for each skin (lower fees per trade and stacking options)
  • Unlock additional bot slots (create a whole army of crypto massacres)
  • Increase the value of your NFT (better performance, higher listing price)
  • Bet on trading bot competitions (use your AI or someone else’s)
  • Get VIP access to private Discord rooms (early access to new features)
  • Flex on social media (NFTs will be very valuable on Facebook & Twitter)
  • Much, much more…
Clipper AI NFT If It Was Real
And the best part is that these aren’t just empty promises like some projects like to do to increase their hype. Everything from the above list is possible, and it’s already being worked on! Photo by hobijist3d on Unsplash

How Will This Increase My Wealth?

There are endless ways of profiting from crypto markets. You can buy and hold a token, you can day trade on your own, or use an AI bot.

Our goal isn’t just to earn money, but rather to do it in a passive income fashion!

Passive income is defined as money that requires little or no effort to obtain and keep. When the earner puts forth minimal effort to increase his or her income, this is referred to as progressive passive income.

Five ways you can earn in your sleep with OB NFTs:

  1. Set up an AI bot (it will trade for you without a need for monitoring)
  2. Level up your NFT (once launched, your AI will start increasing in value)
  3. Subscribe for weekly competitions (win extra on your best weeks)
  4. Win airdrops (holders will be automatically pooled for giveaways)
  5. Tokenback (similar to cashback — get returns based on burned tokens)
Passive Income Crypto Tokens
Remember that all of your profits will come in $OBT. By default when the price of the token raises, so will your portfolio. This is the ultimate Passive Income strategy, so use it well! Photo by Executium on Unsplash

Shut Up And Take My Money!

Excited? Good, that is our goal with this short article, now let’s talk about financial decisions and responsibilities.

First, you should never invest:

1) money you can’t afford to lose
2) in things you don’t understand
3) in projects you haven’t researched

To be completely transparent with you, we will update you daily on our Twitter and answer all of your questions on Discord.

In our following articles in the NFT OBVerse series, we will provide you with our complete roadmap, utility, FAQ, mint date, and everything in-between.

The only way is up 🚀

About One Button Trader

Over 2000 traders have trusted the AI bots of One Button in the conquest of outperforming the market. By 2022, every feature on the platform will be fully powered by $OBTokens. The coin was pre-sold in just 13 minutes…

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