Endeavour AI Crypto Trading Strategy - Trained for USD Pairs

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A comprehensive look at the newest AI crypto trading bot on OB Trader.

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Danail Velchovski
October 18, 2021
Oct 18

To celebrate the official launch of our $OBT Token, the One Button Trader team is pleased to announce Endeavour — the newest member of our AI trading family.

Those of you who loved the arrival of Performer and are a little bit more tech-savvy on the inside will undoubtedly enjoy the new trading experience that this tank has to offer!

Let’s see how the new boy stacks up against other tried-and-true AI trading bots.

What makes Endeavour unique?

Endeavour has been specifically designed to respond optimally to USD crypto market pairs. He is powered by a GLMP machine learning architecture, which is comparable to the one used by our top Performer AI.

One of his key advantages is the increased memorization, giving him faster optimization of the trading strategy. Endeavour is a beast in sideways markets but also reacts swiftly amid rapid swings. There is nothing that can frighten this machine.

How does it work?

Our trading bots feed on years of historical data, constantly upgrading their trading technique for the present market conditions, as per the evolutionary method provided by neural networks.

Endeavour can handle a large quantity of data with his 128 data inputs, resulting in the discovery of new patterns. Taking all information into account, the AI generates a confidence level and chooses whether to BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

Market scan interval, trade frequency & order type

1. Endeavour is a member of the 4-hour market scan crew, which performed strongly over the twelve months.

2. According to our backtesting results, Endeavour makes an average of 6 trades per week, implying that he can comfortably do between 2 and 10 trades most weeks.

3. Unlike Horizon, which utilizes limit orders, Endeavour, along with the other bots in the OB family, trades with market orders.

Endeavour’s strengths and weaknesses

Even though we like to think of our little tank as an indestructible machine, here is the objective analysis:


- Uses the latest ML architecture — GLMP

- Works based on High-Low-Close-Volume data

- Performs well for all USDT based markets

- Dominates sideway markets but does not lose track during market swings


- Can’t trade between candlesticks like Horizon

- Trades little of his dynamic-ness in favor of improvement in memorization

At which markets should we use it?

Endeavour uses a generalized AI model, which allows him to work well across all USD-based market pairs. It was demonstrated in the backtests, which we will show you in a moment.

In terms of market conditions, the tank performs excellently during sideways markets, seizing all opportunities that come its way and winning a sizable percentage of them.

The intriguing thing is that he also does well during rapid market fluctuations, demonstrating the power of using 128 data inputs and an AI with superior memorization for crypto trading.

Currently, Endeavour trades for the following market pairs:


We encourage you to always test a bot with at least 100$ for several weeks and never trade with money you aren’t willing to lose.

Backtesting Results

Chart 1: Endeavour vs BTC:USDT 2019–2020

Our first test looks at 12 months of data between Jan 2019 and Jan 2020. The results are mind-blowing, as Endeavour demonstrates a looping +300% ROI over that period. Bitcoin had seen a rapid increase between April and July and a steady downfall in the months after that. Our AI managed to keep a solid position during every market condition and quadruple its hypothetical portfolio from 10,000$ to 40,000$! We are excited to see how he will perform during live trades.

Chart 2: Endeavour vs ETH:USDT 2019–2020

No, it’s not déjà vu! Endeavour has equally crushed Ethereum, just like he did with Bitcoin. One explanation could be that the price action in both market pairs is similar, which leads to similar AI optimization pathways and, as a result, trading decisions. In any case, the bot shows great decision-making in volatile cryptocurrency pairs and makes us question if he can take first place in our trading bot races? Join our Telegram to find more about that.

Chart 3: Endeavour vs EOS:USDT 2019–2020

While the results here aren’t as humongous as the ones with the Bitcoin and Ethereum pairs — they are still in the greens, and that’s what matters. Besides, there isn’t a trader who would mind a 70% increase in the portfolio over one calendar year. Similar to the other two market pairs, here we see a period of uptrend until July 2019, followed by a bear market for the months to follow. Nevertheless, Endeavour managed to stay on top during a trading period which ended pretty much where it started.

How does he compare to other AI bots?

Endeavour vs Performer

Now that we have two 128 data input bots that use Transformers-based ML, we can compare them fairly. Is Performer still the top dog though?

The short answer is yes, at least until Endeavour gets several months of live data testing across multiple trading accounts.

Technically, they are very similar — the same number of data inputs, excellent generalization, and trained using the same module. Endeavour appears to be slightly better in memorizations but a little worse in dynamics. So far, there are no significant differences.

In terms of preferred market pairs and strategies, they both perform well in USD pairs, under various market conditions, using market orders, and scanning the market every 4H.

Backtest results for Performer vs BTC 2019–20.

Backtesting reveals huge ROIs for both bots, but Performer takes the win here due to the availability of real-world results. Endeavour, on the other hand, dominates the classic BTC and ETH — USD pairs on paper by around 90% more ROI (+207.33% vs +298.42%)

Endeavour versus Astral

Very similar to our Performer versus Astral case study, we got the following benefits for Endeavour over the older AI.

· It employs more data points than Astral (128 versus 64)

· The backbone of Endeavour is a far more advanced machine learning platform.

· Because Endeavour trained later, it has a better incentive structure during training than Astral. That significantly improves trading efficiency.

In terms of backtesting results, here is a screenshot of Astral’s performance versus BTC from 2019 to 2020.

As we can see, Astral’s results were similar to those of Endeavour, but it is worth noting that he made 816 trades (versus 298 for Performer and 340 for Endeavour).

While this would provide us with a bigger sample size for statistical analysis, it shows a greater maximum drawback of -33.82% versus -11.56% in favor of Endeavour. The ending balance for Astral is 10k short of the maximum achieved for the timeframe, while Endeavour closed just a bit below its top performance.

The conclusion can be that Endeavour, at least on paper, employs better risk management and does not allow his portfolio to shrink too much over long periods of time.


Artificial intelligence keeps on improving, and so do the colourful choices we’ll provide to you to choose from. Today, we met Endeavour who has a theoretical advantage over his brothers as a result of the complex GLMP architecture that empowers his decision-making.

While time will show if he can stand in the big league, we’re looking forward to your testimonial cases in our Telegram. If you aren’t a member of the OB family, then you can grab a free membership today, and test the capabilities of our bots.

Happy trading!

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Danail Velchovski

Danail masterfully combines his deep knowledge of blockchain technology and his strong writing skills to deliver crisp, comprehensive content. With his early immersion in the web3 domain, he navigates the complexities of this revolutionary technology with ease, turning intricate concepts into engaging, digestible pieces. His research acumen and keen insight into the rapidly evolving world of decentralized networks make him an invaluable asset in educating audiences about web3's potential and its ever-evolving landscape.

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