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Beta-testing results of the latest crypto AI trading bot.

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One Click Crypto
January 26, 2023
Jan 26

One Click Crypto is happy to announce that Explorer AI is finally available for all users of the trading app.

It comes at the best possible time. Explorer is currently ranked as the number one top performer in the last 30 days with an average ROI of +24.25% — taking perfect advantage of the January crypto rally.

Source: One Click Crypto app.

Background and Early Feedback

Explorer is a self-learning trading AI that uses neural networks to adapt to the volatile cryptocurrency market. It is the 8th trading bot on the One Click Crypto platform and takes zero coding knowledge to set up.

The AI model is a hybrid of the platform's top trading robots — Performer v2 and Horizon.

Read the Performer v2 Case Study (Left) and Horizon AI Case Study (Right)

While Performer v2 was crowned as the king of trading bots in 2021, Horizon was phenomenal during the 2022 recession, as it showed on numerous occasions. Explorer took things one step above.

In our June monthly report, we announced the early release of Explorer for a small group of VIP One Click members. Here are some of their first impressions (shared on the One Click Crypto Discord).

“This Looks Promising” Source: One Click Crypto Discord
“Some More Exploring”. Source: One Click Crypto Discord

Beta-Testing Results

Below are three of the longest-running case studies for Explorer AI on the One Click Crypto trading platform.

1. Explorer AI vs. XRP

During its ~6-month run, the Explorer AI outperformed the underlying asset XRP by +54.31%.

Explorer vs. XRP:USDT. Data between Aug 29, 2022, and Jan 25, 2023. Source: One Click Crypto app.
Market Pair: XRP:USDT
Trading Time: 150 Days
Bot’s Performance: +75.49% ROI
Market’s Performance: +21.18% ROI

Trading style
To learn more about the trading style of Explorer, read these two articles:
Top 6 AI Trading Bots 2023 | How Do AI Trading Bots Work (Patterns)

A demonstration of how to understand an AI’s trading behavior.

2. Explorer AI vs. Solana

At the time of writing, Explorer AI has outperformed Solana at +91.84% for the given trading period.

Explorer vs. SOL:BUSD. Data between Aug 29, 2022, and Jan 25, 2023. Source: One Click Crypto app.
Market Pair: SOL:BUSD
Trading Time: 150 Days
Bot’s Performance: +67.47% ROI
Market’s Performance: -24.37% ROI

Another preview of the “Top 6 AI Trading Bots 2023” article, where it is explained in detail how these machines gain an advantage in the market.

The critical sell-off during the FTX crash gave the AI a haven at -20% to 0% ROI that later converted into profits during the early 2023 bull run.

3. Explorer AI vs. Dogecoin

In the final and most recent case study, the Explorer trading bot faces Dogecoin, which outperformed by a modest +16.84%.

Explorer vs. DOGE:USDT. Data between Sep 26, 2022, and Jan 25, 2023. Source: One Click Crypto app.
Market Pair: DOGE:USDT
Trading Time: 123 Days
Bot’s Performance: +54.02% ROI
Market’s Performance: +35.18% ROI

At the time of writing, the AI has brought over 50% ROI from its initial investment.

How To Use Explorer AI For Crypto Trading

Before using any automation for cryptocurrency trading, one should do his own due diligence and explore the benefits and risks of using such software.

Here are some recommended reads from One Click Crypto’s Resources:
AI Portfolio Management Technology (Whitepaper)
Which AI Trading Bot to Use?
How Much Money Can I Make With an AI Trading Bot?
API Crypto Trading: How It Works And Is It Secure?

It’s also important to understand that cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and results are guaranteed even when using the most advanced tech. For that reason, never invest money you can not afford to lose.

Once you understand the risks and you’ve done your research on trading bots, here is how you can unlock access to Explorer AI.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter your Name and E-mail
Step 3: Confirm that you are not an AI yourself 🤖
Step 4: Click on “Request Access”

Once your account is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you are in the platform, you will have access to Explorer and the other One Click Crypto trading AI, with which you can experiment on your own.

Happy Exploring!
- One Click Crypto Team

One Click Crypto is a software developing company that is not registered in any jurisdiction as a broker or any other type of financial advisor. One Click’s tools are strictly for education purposes in exploring the possible use cases of AI in automated crypto trading. One Click Crypto doesn’t solicit the purchase of any assets or securities, and users of the One Click software agree to do their due diligence before using the tools provided.
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