How to re-enable "Spot & Margin Trading" on your Binance API key

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Tutorial on how to re-enable the "Spot & Margin Trading" on your Binance API key

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One Click Crypto
September 16, 2022
Sep 16

On the 26th of July 2021, Binance announced changes related to how they handle automated trading through API connection. After the announcement, all newly created API keys have their "Spot & Margin Trading" option automatically disabled after 90 days of usage.

Whenever the "Spot & Margin Trading" option on your API key is disabled, your One Button Capital bots will stop trading properly and won't be able to place and cancel orders on the exchange.

To prevent that from happening follow the next few steps:

1. Go to Binance's API management page

2. Click the 'Create API' button on the API management page

3. Set an 'API label' such as 'One Button Capital'

4. Complete the needed two-factor authentication (2FA)

5. Click the 'Submit' button

6. Make sure the "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" API permissions are ticked off

7. Go to One Button Capital ➡ "Settings" ➡ "Connected Exchanges"

8. Click on the pencil button (Edit)

9. Copy-paste your newly created API key and secret into the form

10. Click the "Confirm" button

11. Go back to Binance and delete your old API (If you are not using them elsewhere)

12. You are done! Your One Button Capital bots will continue to work as intended.

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