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How Trading Bots Protect Investor's Portfolio During Bear Markets

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Trade history of a Performer trading bot that saved the portfolio of a lucky investor.

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August 11, 2021
Aug 11

Performer trading bot is based on a revolutionary AI trading methodology is one of the latest trading AI/ML models released on One Button Trader.

In this case study, we will review the trading performance of one of the Performer bots created by one of the investors on One Button Trader.

Trading Bot Case Study: Performer VS DOT:BUSD

Bot Type: Performer

Market: DOT:BUSD

Time period: April 30, 2021 — Aug 07, 2021

Time active: 99 days


  • +2.20% (Performer)
  • -40.28% (DOT:BUSD)
  • +42.48% (difference)

Our investor activated the following Performer bot on April 30, 2021 — right before the markets started to decline. The bot was connected to a Binance exchange DOT:BUSD market. At that time, Polkadot was mostly trading in a downtrend market condition.

Further analysis of Performer's trade history on the Polkadot reveals that he outperformed the market by +42.48% over 99 days during the bear market.

As seen on chart #1, at the beginning of May 2021, Performer quickly analyzed the current situation and made a few good trades that resulted in a profitable run. Next, due to a sudden shift in the market trend, most of the trades were not as successful. But in the end, it resulted in gains over the assets of market performance.

Following on the sideways market performance started in June 2021, Performer made some reasonable trades slowly regaining value and recovering from the losses incurred during the crash.

Chart #2:Performer - DOT:BUSD July-August 2021

Both on bull and bear markets, Performer can shine equally great. With its unique AI trading model, it can adapt to the current market situation. During July-August 2021, we can see how Performer had made a series of successful trades accumulating more value in Polkadot when DOT itself was moving in a sideways market.

In the end, The Performer AI bot successfully sold its position almost at the top of every downtrend obstacle of the market. For 99 days, it produced +2.20% in ROI for our investor, when Polkadot itself had dropped from $35 to $20 which would have resulted in a -40.28% loss of a portfolio.


Based on this case study, we can conclude that AI trading bots can save investors from devastating losses during bear market trends. By activating a Performer bot, we prevented a -40.28% loss from investing in Polkadot and secured a small +2.20% profit instead.

At the same time, AI trading bots can generate more value during bull and sideways markets, making successful trades at the market swings.

Create Performer trading bot at One Button Trader.

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