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March 2023: One Click Crypto Report

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Bitcoin To $1M, The Regulators' Attack, Best-Performing Crypto Sectors, DeFi Yield, Top Raises, Web3 News, Market Trends, Narratives, and One Click Crypto Robo-Advisory App Launch.

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One Click Crypto
April 10, 2023
Apr 10

Q1 of 2023 is over, and it has set the tone for this to be the most pivotal year for crypto, challenging its status as the “future of money.”

March went through 4 key phases:

  • Regulators intensifying “Operation Choke Point 2.0” on crypto.
  • Two of the largest US bank collapses happened in the same week.
  • Both DeFi protocols and CEXs went through a stress test moment.
  • Ex-Coinbase CTO bet $2M that Bitcoin will reach $1M in 90 days

This report contains a detailed analysis of 34 charts, 17 news articles, and 11 crypto narratives, providing valuable insights into the industry's current state and highlighting key things to pay attention to in Q2.

Crypto DeFi March 2023 Report

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Market Performance

1.1 Overview

Starting on Mar 1, the cryptocurrency market cap was valued at $1.04T. Unfortunately, due to a coordinated regulatory attack against centralized exchanges and the contagion of US bank failures, the value plummeted to $877B by Mar 10. Despite this setback, the market proved its resilience and bounced back, ending the month at $1.153T. This impressive recovery represents a notable increase of +13.9%.

Crypto market cap between Mar 01 — Mar 31, 2023. Data Source: TradingView.

Best performing assets

Bitcoin led the March rally with a net gain of +19.16%, while Ethereum trailed at +9.58%. Ripple’s XRP also saw a pleasant surprise with a +42.19% price increase, leading to speculation of a potential SEC loss against the crypto giant (bullish if it turns out to be confirmed).

Source: Coin360

1.2 Bitcoin in March 2023

The number one cryptocurrency is once again making headlines.

  • BTC Dominance Increased To Nearly 50%

Bitcoin’s market share started in 2023 at 40.07% and rose to 42.4% in February. But in March, due to regulatory FUD towards non-Bitcoin cryptos and stablecoins, BTC’s share jumped to 46.31%.

Source: CoinMarketCap
  • Hash Rate On The Move

Bitcoin’s network hash rate has hit a record high of 350 EH/s, up +36.7% YTD. This surge is attributed to more machines coming online at a more profitable price point and the use of a newer ASIC inventory that had previously sat idle at lower Bitcoin prices.

Image Source: Bitcoin Magazine

Longer-term investment and expansion decisions are now materializing. The recent growth in hash rate may also be due to a high share of miner rig imports into the US in January. Public miners likely make up 20–25% of the total network hash rate on a given day.

  • It’s Never Been Harder To Mine $BTC — Dylan LeClair

BTC mining difficulty is a critical metric for analysts. This issue examines the breakdown of its drawdown. The top difficulty chart displays an ATH, while the bottom shows a drawdown of 0.00% in Mar 2023, supporting the argument that BTC mining has never been more challenging.

Image Source: Dylan LeClair in Bitcoin Magazine
  • Liquidity Issues

Looking at recent market data, it appears that the increase in liquidity for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) was driven primarily by an increase in price rather than an increase in market participation. This type of liquidity increase may not be sustainable in the long term. Moreover, the liquidity of BTC has decreased over the last few months and is currently at its lowest level in 10 months.

Source: Kaiko Research

This trend is concerning as it may impact the overall health of the crypto market. Market makers are also facing unprecedented challenges due to the closure of payment rails, making it harder for US-based market makers and exchanges to operate effectively.

  • Ordinals to 1M Inscriptions

Bitcoin Ordinals were a trend that dominated the crypto world in February. Though the hype seemed to be dying down in March, early Q2 data indicates an all-time high in inscription count, signifying renewed interest in the narrative.

Source: Dune
Read more about Bitcoin NFTs:
  • Bitcoin vs. TradFi

BTC rallied an impressive +71.49% from Jan 01 to Mar 31, surpassing the S&P 500 (+7.46%), SSE Composite (+5.02%), and Euronext 100 (+8.65%) by nearly 10 times, leaving the traditional stock market behind.

Source: Google Finance

1.3 Stablecoins

In March, the de-pegging of some stablecoins brought changes to the top 10 rankings. As a result of market panic, USDC’s market cap declined by -14.5%. On the other hand, DAI, LUSD, and USDP experienced an increase in their market caps. USDT remained dominant, recording an +8.06% surge to $76.6B. BUSD’s market cap continued to slip following the SEC’s action against it, falling -22.2% to $8.29B.

Source: CryptoCompare

Following the resumption of trading of TUSD, USDC, and USDP pairs on Binance, TUSD emerged as the top-performing stablecoin with an +82.6% gain, bringing its market cap to $2.04B. Additionally, Binance’s decision to replace BUSD in its ‘SAFU Fund’ with TUSD and USDT likely contributed to the coin’s success.

1.4 CBDCs Are Coming

Central banks across the globe are progressively enhancing their CBDC initiatives. The development of pilot programs for such currencies by Russia and Australia is imminent, whereas Iran has already finished the Proof-of-Concept phase for its Digital Rial.

Source: CryptoCompare

India has achieved a successful pilot program launch for its Digital Rupee and is currently exploring offline functionality options. Moreover, the Reserve Bank of India is partnering with the Central Bank of UAE to establish a cross-border CBDC bridge, which could result in significant developments for the industry as a whole.

Part 2: DeFi Update

While Bitcoin was in the main spotlight during March, inside of DeFi, there were essential movements taking place as well, led mainly by Arbitrum’s token launch and Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade.

2.1 Overview

Total Value Locked

The DeFi sector concluded March with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $49.75B, briefly experiencing a dip to $43.68B on Mar 10. Ethereum sustained its market dominance with a share of 58.67%, whereas Tron and BSC held approximately 10–11% each.

DeFi TVL between Mar 01 — Mar 31, 2023. Source: DefiLlama.

The rising L2s — Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism have ended March at a combined TVL market share of 8.46%.

Top Blockchains By Active Users

Tron has emerged as the top performer in the DeFi space, with a staggering 2.2M active users and a remarkable +7.92% increase in TVL over the past month, totaling $5.3B.

Bitcoin has also shown a remarkable increase of +43.45% in TVL over the past month, reaching an impressive $197.13M. Meanwhile, Litecoin has witnessed a significant increase of +283% in active users in the past month, signifying growing interest in its DeFi offerings.

Top DeFi network, sorted by number of active users. Source: DefiLlama

Ethereum continues to display a steady rise in active users and total value locked (TVL), with a monthly increase of +5.18% in TVL, reaching $30.21B. In contrast, NEAR has observed a significant -54.63% decline in TVL over the past month. While there have been fluctuations in TVL for some networks, the overall trend shows a surge in active users across the board, indicating an enduring interest in and adoption of blockchain technology.

DEX Volume

In March, the total volume of decentralized exchanges (DEX) reached $133.32B, marking the third-highest value in the past 12 months. This increase is reminiscent of previous instances in April-May 2022, when the LUNA and UST crash occurred, and November 2022, when the FTX contagion affected DeFi.

Monthly DEX volume in the last 12 months. Source: DefiLlama

Analysts attribute the volume surge to the temporary de-pegging of USDC and DAI. Furthermore, the US regulatory crackdown on centralized exchanges significantly increased cryptocurrency trading on DEXs. Ethereum’s upcoming upgrade also contributed to the surge in interest in ether and staking tokens.

DEX Volume By Chain

During the first third of March, Ethereum held a dominant position in DEX volume, accounting for 60% to 70% of the daily share. However, by the end of the month, the rapidly growing Arbitrum ecosystem emerged as a formidable challenger, capturing 25.52% of the share and reducing Ethereum’s stake to 46.5%.

Source: DefiLlama

This shift in market share is indicative of the constantly evolving and competitive nature of the DEX space.

Top Earners

Recent data on the top-earning DeFi networks highlights Ethereum’s strong performance, with a revenue generation of $142.75M over the last 30 days, followed by Tron at $35.35M. While Ethereum has produced the highest revenue, it experienced the slowest growth rate over the last seven days, while Tron exhibited the highest growth rate of $8.79M. These trends indicate a dynamic and competitive DeFi landscape, with various networks vying for market share and revenue growth.

Source: DefiLlama

In terms of top earners in the DeFi space, Convex Finance generated $6.33M, securing the third position, while GMX followed closely at $5.60M. Among the top ten earners, Polygon exhibited the highest growth rate in revenue over the last seven days, amounting to a significant increase of +107%. BSC followed suit, exhibiting growth of +129%.

Leading Protocols By Treasury

Arbitrum DAO boasts the largest treasury among decentralized autonomous organizations, with a total of $4.37B. Uniswap V3 comes in second with a treasury of $2.63B, while BitDAO holds the third position with $2.56B in its treasury. It is worth noting that a significant portion of BitDAO’s treasury comprises stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The remaining positions in the top eight of the DeFi treasuries ranking are occupied by ENS, Ethereum Foundation, Stargate, Lido, and Frax, with treasuries ranging from $314.91M to $995.5M. Additionally, the list includes the India Covid Relief Fund and AAVE V2, with treasuries of $272.8M and $137.42M, respectively.

2.2 Best-Performing Cryptocurrencies and Sectors

From L1s and L2s to DeFi and NFT coins, the crypto market has seen mixed returns and risk levels in recent weeks. Here’s what you need to know.

L1s and L2s

Looking at the 1-month price performance, the majority of L1 and L2 protocols have experienced negative returns, with Optimism (OP) seeing the largest decline of -22.8%. On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) showed a positive return of +9.9%.


Regarding risk, the table shows that some protocols have higher volatility and beta than others, indicating they may be more sensitive to market movements. Optimism (OP) also has the highest beta at 1.48, while Near (NEAR) has the lowest at 0.89.

The DeFi Sector

Over the last month, the crypto market has experienced significant volatility, with most of the top DeFi tokens showing negative price performance. Lido (LDO) has been hit the hardest, with a staggering -27% drop in price, while VVS Finance (VVS) and THORChain (RUNE) have also suffered double-digit losses.


A few tokens, such as Kava (KAVA) and (YFI) managed to buck the trend and show positive price growth, but overall, the market has been dominated by negative price movements.

Gaming Sector

The majority of the top gaming-related cryptocurrencies have experienced negative returns. Illuvium (ILV) and My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) suffered the highest losses, with decreases of -19.1% and -20.1%, respectively, while Gala (GALA) saw a notable increase of +2.8%.


In terms of risk, the data reveals that some protocols are more sensitive to market movements than others. Stepn (GMT) has the highest beta at 1.59, indicating it is more volatile than the other cryptocurrencies listed. On the other hand, My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) has the lowest beta at 1.40, suggesting it is less sensitive to market changes.

NFT Coins

Over the last month, the NFT coins have experienced mixed results in terms of their performance and risk. A few coins, such as Immutable (+16.5%), (+317.7%), and Theta Network (+44.0%), have performed well, while others, like ApeCoin (-18.6%), Flow (-18.3%), and Aavegotchi (-28.3%) have seen negative price performance.


The beta values of these coins, which measure the correlation with the market, have been positive for most coins, indicating that they have moved with the market trends, with a few exceptions, such as Aavegotchi (0.17 vs. ETH) and Yield Guild Games (1.11 vs. ETH), which have had lower correlation values.

2.3 DeFi Yield

This section presents the top-performing DeFi yield pools and aggregators regarding TVL and average APY sourced from DefiLlama.


The top-performing pool is the USDC-WETH (0.05%) on Uniswap V3, with a TVL of $249.63M and a 30-day average APY of 68.78%. The second-highest APY pool is the USDC-WETH (0.3%) pool on Uniswap V3, with a TVL of $117.18M and a 30-day average APY of 30.73%.

DeFi pools with at least $100M in TVL. Source: DefiLlama

The third highest APY pool is the GLP pool on GMX, with a TVL of $499.55M and a 30-day average APY of 27.26%. Convex Finance has two top pools on the list with TVL of $193.63M and $196.69M and 30-day average APY of 17.19% and 12.13%, respectively.

Yield Aggregators

Regarding TVL change, ACryptoS had the highest increase, with a staggering +50.84%. Flamincome and Yield Yak Aggregator also performed well, with a respective increase of +15.49% and +17.08%. Yearn Finance, the top aggregator in terms of TVL with $435.78M, saw a moderate increase of +3.04% in the past month.

Source: DefiLlama

In contrast, Origin Dollar had the most significant decrease in TVL, with a -42.53% change. Other notable Yield Aggregators include Beefy, with a +0.50% increase—Badger DAO, with a +2.63% increase, and Autofarm, with a -5.98% decrease.

2.4 Top Raises

In March 2023, the cryptocurrency industry raised over $780M across 63 funding rounds. The largest funding was from the leading hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger which raised $109M, lifting its valuation to $1.4B.

Gaming platforms continued being a popular investment, with two rounds, one for $55M and another for $40M, making the top five.

The DeFi sector saw significant investment, with several companies raising funds, including a multi-chain liquidity and data gateway provider and a cross-chain lending market, which raised $17.5M and $5M, respectively.

Source: DefiLlama

Other popular sectors were NFTs, Web3 infrastructure, and blockchain protocols, each raising over $60M. The month also saw several seed rounds for Web3 gaming studios, digital asset custodial wallets, and Web3 development tools.

Takeaway: The trend towards Web3 and gaming platforms continued from the previous months, showing a sustained interest in the intersection of blockchain and gaming. The month also saw notable investments in infrastructure and layer 1 protocols, indicating that investors are still interested in building the underlying technology of the blockchain

2.5 Institutional Investing

Institutional investment flows in the crypto market saw a decline of $200.4M year-to-date (YTD), with total assets under management (AUM) at $34.99B in March 2023. ProShares saw the largest monthly gain with $72.6M, while 3iQ saw the largest YTD loss with -$215.5M. Grayscale remains the most prominent provider, with an AUM of $23.89B.

Source: CoinShares

Bitcoin experienced an inflow of $8.8M and a YTD outflow of $233.6M, while Ethereum had an MTD outflow of $2.8M and a YTD outflow of $31.2M. The multi-asset category saw an MTD outflow of $3.0M and a YTD outflow of $8.5M.

Meanwhile, Short Bitcoin had an MTD outflow of $2.5M and a YTD inflow of $61.8M, suggesting a growing interest in shorting the crypto asset. Solana also saw a positive trend with an MTD inflow of $0.2M and a YTD inflow of $5.8M.

Performance Of Top Crypto Funds

Grayscale’s GBTC product posted a +32.6% 30-day return, outperforming the BTC/USD benchmark of +14.4%. Meanwhile, the ProShares BITI product suffered a -19.8% loss. Among other products, ProShares BITO posted a +14.6% return, while ETCGROUP BTCE and Purpose BTCC posted +15.7% and +15.1% returns, respectively.

Source: CryptoCompare

Grayscale’s ETHE had a more modest return of +3.9%. In the same period, MVDA Index posted a +7.08% return. Notably, most cryptocurrency products underperformed BTC/USD.

2.6 Leading DeFi News

In our weekly newsletter, One Click Crypto covered the top cryptocurrency and DeFi news. Among them, here are the most important ones:

A: Regulators intensify “Operation Choke Point 2.0” on crypto

Venture capitalist Nic Carter believes that the US government, including Biden’s White House, Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC, DOJ, and influential members of Congress, is conspiring to cut off crypto’s fiat access in an effort called “Operation Choke Point 2.0.”

They target traditional finance institutions servicing the crypto industry, with fiat on- and off-ramps being their logical first targets. Carter suggests that the US government is using the same tactics as their previous campaign, Operation Choke Point, to influence the health of particular industries. Here are a few examples from March alone:

[Mar 3, 2023] Binance.US Is Under an SEC Attack
[Mar 9, 2023] US Proposes 30% Tax on Crypto Miners’ Electricity.
[Mar 10, 2023] New York Attorney Labels Ethereum as a Security
[Mar 20, 2023] Banks That Take Crypto Could Face More Risk
[Mar 22, 2023] Tron Founder Sued By SEC Over Market Manipulation
[Mar 27, 2023] Binance & CZ Sued by CFTC Over US Reg. Violations

B: Second and third largest US bank collapses in history

In March, the US banking system experienced the collapse of three major banks, all of which had significant involvement with the technology industry and cryptocurrency.

Source: Google News

Silvergate Bank failed first, followed by Silicon Valley Bank, which experienced a bank run after lending heavily to tech startups. Signature Bank, known for its frequent dealings with cryptocurrency firms, was closed down by regulators due to systemic risks. These failures mark the second and third largest collapses in US history, trailing only the 2008 financial crisis and the failure of Washington Mutual.

C: DeFi and centralized exchanges go through a stress test

That led to several stress test moments for both DeFi protocols and CEXs:

  • USDC, DAI Stablecoins Depeg and Recovers In Less Than a Week

In less than a week, USDC and DAI stablecoins experienced a de-pegging event. USDC, managed by Circle, fell to as low as $0.87 on the Kraken exchange due to $3.3B of its reserves being held at Silicon Valley Bank.

USDC has recovered to a market capitalization of over $40B. Similarly, DAI, a decentralized stablecoin partially backed by USDC, also de-pegged and fell to as low as $0.899 before returning to its $1.00 peg.

  • Binance Converts $1B BUSD Reserves To Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced that the exchange had converted the remaining $1B of its industry recovery fund into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB.

Source: Twitter

According to CZ, the recent events involving stablecoins and banks, including the collapse of several crypto-friendly banks and regulatory scrutiny of BUSD, compelled Binance to make this move. Binance set up the fund in November 2022 to offer liquidity to robust projects facing a liquidity crisis.

D: Ex-Coinbase CTO bets $2M that Bitcoin will reach $1M in 90 days
While traditional finance is suffering, one figure believes that this is extremely bullish for Bitcoin, so much so that he bet $2M of his own money.

Balaji Srinivasan, a well-known figure in technology and cryptocurrency, made a $2M bet that Bitcoin would be worth more than $1M within 90 days. He believes this will happen because of the US banking crisis, which he thinks will cause inflation and reduce the value of the US dollar.

Source: Twitter

He thinks this will prompt more investors to turn to Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, significantly increasing its value. While some question the feasibility of Bitcoin’s value rising from $27.5k to $1M within such a brief period, Srinivasan’s bold prediction has captured everyone’s attention.

More News From March 2023:
[Mar 13, 2023] Hacker Steals $200M From Euler Finance
[Mar 20, 2023] Florida’s Governor Calls For CBDC Ban
[Mar 23, 2023] Telegram Integrates Tether (USDT) Payments on Tron
[Mar 23, 2023] Terra’s Do Kwon Arrested in Montenegro
[Mar 23, 2023] Arbitrum’s ARB Token Launch Generates $2Bn
[Mar 24, 2023] Nasdaq To Launch Crypto Custody Services In Q2

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Part 3: Market Trends

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index recorded a new yearly high in March, reaching 63 points. However, the index experienced a dip to 32 at the beginning of the month due to the increased regulatory pressure.

This highlights the impact of external factors, such as regulatory news, on the cryptocurrency industry's market sentiment and investor behavior.

3.1 Ongoing Crypto Narratives

At One Click Crypto, we strive to provide an objective view of emerging Web3 trends through our research articles or weekly newsletters. Here are the hottest crypto narratives that are currently ongoing on Twitter.

Decentralized Stablecoins

The SEC’s crackdown on centralized stablecoins has led to an increased focus on decentralized alternatives. However, a true decentralized is yet to emerge as the existing ones have their limitations, with $DAI and $FRAX, for example, being insufficient because of their high levels of centralization and dependence on single collateral types.

Source: Twitter

Maker’s end plan involves diversifying its reserves by increasing ETH reserves and limiting RWA exposure. At the same time, Liquity’s LUSD is unique in that Ethereum fully backs it and has no custodian risk. $RAI and $LUSD are the most decentralized stablecoins, while the $AAVE and $CRV stablecoins are yet to be released.

RWA & Tokenization

Tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWA) and bringing them on-chain for DeFi yields is a hot crypto narrative. Illiquid assets like real estate, art, and insurance can be tokenized, allowing for less friction, faster settlement, and increased market access. Asset managers like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs are getting involved, bringing trillions to DeFi and crypto.

Source: Boston Consulting Group

The tokenized real estate market is worth around $500M. It is expected to reach $2.2B by 2025, presenting a massive opportunity for investors to gain access to real estate assets that were previously out of reach.


ZK-rollups are Layer-2 blockchain protocols that process transactions off-chain while holding assets in an on-chain smart contract, and they help alleviate congestion by executing transactions in batches. The ZK narrative is gaining momentum, and upcoming token launches of ZkSync, Starknet, and Polygon zkEVM are giving the sector a spike in interest,

Read on Medium


The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, set to launch on April 12, has brought attention to liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) and their significance in the DeFi world. While staking can be a good source of passive income for investors, it typically requires assets to be locked up for a set period, limiting their use.

Source: Dune

Liquid staking allows for access to assets while still enjoying the rewards of staking, and LSD tokens represent the token holder’s assets that are staked. These tokens can be used in other DeFi protocols for lending, trading, and borrowing, generating passive income.

Top LSD protocols include Lido Finance, Rocket Pool, and Frax Finance. However, there are risks to be aware of, such as the potential for slashing and lower yields compared to normal staking.

3.3 Macro Trends

The FED Turning Back The Money Printer

Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA) has issued a report outlining why it believes the banking crisis could catalyze a longer-term change in monetary policy that provides a significant tailwind for crypto assets going forward. DDA believes that the Fed’s Quantitative Tightening has reached its limits, which makes a short-term return to outright easy monetary policy and interest rate reductions likely.

Furthermore, the recent stress in the banking sector could force the FED to loosen its monetary policy again. DDA also highlighted that commercial real estate and CMBS prices have emerged as the next risks that could prolong the banking crisis, especially since smaller US banks are generally overextended in terms of loans to this sector.

On-chain analytics show a continuous influx of new investors into Bitcoin lately. DDA suggests that the recent banking stress has induced a flight to crypto assets, which justified the initial positive reaction of crypto assets to these developments.

The De-Dollarization

China and Brazil recently agreed to settle trades in each other’s currencies, marking another blow to the central role of the US dollar in global trade. The switch to a yuan-real settlement basis in Chinese-Brazilian trade is part of a growing trend away from the dollar, driven by concerns over economic disruption, geopolitical tensions, and error-prone monetary policy regimes.

Source: Bloomberg Finance, LP

While replacing the dollar with smaller currencies or commodities faces substantial obstacles, some proposals, such as cryptocurrencies or central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), could be viable alternatives. The long-term effect of using access to dollars as a foreign policy tool could lead to higher inflation and taxes for Americans, ultimately undermining the dollar’s role in world commerce.

2023: A Pre-Election Year Bull Run

From a historical perspective, pre-election years have demonstrated the strongest returns during any four-year presidential cycle. Remarkably, only one pre-election year out of the last 84 has incurred a loss. In both 2015 and 2019, pre-election years showed impressive market gains. The ongoing presidential race, marked by contentious debates and high stakes, may continue to steer market behavior throughout 2023.

Evidence from past market cycles, such as in 1991 and 2007, has shown a pattern of robust market growth leading up to elections. This trend can be attributed to heightened investor confidence in response to governments’ actions to stimulate economic growth through policies and stimulus measures. The current political climate’s bullish pattern could also affect the cryptocurrency market, triggering renewed interest and activity in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Read more:

3.4 More One Click Crypto Research

Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth articles.

The Rise Of DeFi Robo-Advisors
Here we introduced investors to this innovation that is already responsible for billions of dollars in AUM in traditional finance.

The Rise Of Robo-Advisors In DeFi: A Game-Changer For Investors?
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Furthermore, we conducted three 101 articles on the most critical aspects of DeFi investing, crypto yields, and liquidity optimization.

We also went in-depth on two of the hottest crypto narratives currently — AI coins and Bitcoin NFTs.

And most recently, we began a series on crypto asset management for DeFi protocols and, more specifically DeFi yield aggregators.

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Part 4. One Click Crypto Updates

One Click Crypto aims to onboard the next 1M users into decentralized finance (DeFi) by using cutting-edge technology, simple UX design, and a science-driven approach. We embrace the impermanence and chaos of the DeFi market and use a science-driven approach to navigate it.

One Click Crypto uses AI technology and complex mathematical models for its products to provide the best risk-reward portfolios. The platform is committed to making DeFi accessible and efficient by simplifying the user experience, developing reliable and transparent products, and empowering success in crypto and DeFi investing.

Read Our Vision

Some of the key features of the One Click Crypto app include:

  • Dynamic Rebalancing: Periodically reallocate DeFi positions with one click for maximum returns.
  • Cross-chain Routing: Platform automatically converts and routes crypto to relevant protocols for hassle-free yield farming on any chain.
  • Customized Portfolios: AI Robo-advisor creates custom portfolios based on unique goals and risk preferences.
  • Unique Hosted Strategies: Diversify portfolio with high-performing traders, bots, and asset managers for alpha generation.

4.1 Stage 0 of One Click’s 2023 Product Vision Is Completed

We are thrilled to announce that Phase 0 of our 2023 roadmap has been completed! Here is what we’ve accomplished so far.

✔️ Launch of Robo-advisory engine
✔️ Customized portfolio recommendation based on a questionnaire
✔️ AI model for on-chain transaction history analysis and recommendations

The One Click Crypto DeFi focus era began by introducing a Robo-advisory application that can generate a customized investment portfolio tailored to an individual’s risk profile and investment preferences through a comprehensive questionnaire.

Now, it’s time to work on Phase 1 (One Click Decentralized), focusing on building a Web3 routing smart contract, integrating protocols such as Aave, Compound, Curve, Convex, and Frax, and launching 1CC staking.

4.2 Test The DeFi Robo-Advisory App Yourself

The v1 version of the One Click Crypto app is available at

1️⃣ Connect your wallet (optional)
Our AI will analyze your blockchain history and find your preferred chains and protocols.

2️⃣ Pass the quiz to know your personal risk score.
Answer 10 easy questions to help the Robo-advisor determine your risk tolerance.

3️⃣ Generate a personalized DeFi portfolio.
Within seconds the One Click app will generate a unique DeFi portfolio, adjusted to your individual investment profile.

BONUS: Early beta testers will be eligible for an upcoming #1CC token airdrop. Start testing our app and join our Discord for upcoming updates!

4.3 OBT Token Update

The legacy token of One Click Crypto, $OBT, which is about to be converted into 1CC at a 3.5:1 ratio at launch, is showing incredible performance.

Since late January, the $OBT price has increased from <$0.01 to $0.03+.

OBT token is currently traded on PancakeSwap at roughly $0.032

4.4 Ongoing Discord Competitions & Winners

These users participated the most in our community and earned the Super Clicker badge on Discord! 🏆

  • @Kronichiwa
  • @BonoSujimin
  • @Zee_Nitro

There are more exciting competitions to come. Join the One Click Crypto Hub now and participate.

4.5 One Click at WOW Summit In Honk Kong Mar 29–30

During 29–30 Mar, One Click Crypto participated at the WOW Summit in Hong Kong — one of the biggest Web3 conferences in the region. One Click was invited to present on stage as a finalist in the Web3 Startup Competition.

1CC CEO Max Yampolsky’s DeFi Speech

Out of 150+ applicants, One Click Crypto became one of the 15 finalists and shared the stage at WOW Summit, ending in the top 5.


After the market’s collapse in 2022, recent activity has shown significant strength and the possibility that we are already in a bull run. In Q2, performance is expected to be primarily influenced by macroeconomic factors, with the state of banks being at the center.

Furthermore, the crypto community is anticipating an upcoming alt season, with Ethereum predicted to lead the way after the upcoming Shanghai upgrade on April 12. However, DeFi’s primary issue is still the poor user experience, which One Click aims to fix in 2023.

~Grow your crypto with One Click.

Disclaimer: This report is not intended to serve as financial advice. The sole objective is to provide an educational perspective on the current state of Web3 and to identify trends that are gaining momentum. Investing in products, tokens, or company shares associated with these trends will not necessarily result in financial gain. Always conduct your own research and seek the advice of a financial professional.

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