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October 2022: One Click Crypto Report

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Market summary, +4540% ROI trades, airdrops, token launch, and more.

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One Click Crypto
November 6, 2022
Nov 6

October showed us the shed of light at the end of the bear market tunnel. Despite the Fed’s interest rate hike frenzy, crypto stays strong — overall market cap is up more than 8% this month as it crosses the $1.00T mark again.

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of the One Click Industry Report where we share a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the crypto and other financial markets.

Key points from this month’s report:

  • Market summary of October 2022
  • The greatest cryptocurrency trades from the last 13 years
  • Top 7 ways to invest in artificial intelligence
  • AI trading bots’ performance during October 2022
  • Rebranding of One Button Capital to One Click Crypto
  • Announcing the launch of One Click Coin and $1,000,000 airdrop for OBT holders

Part 1: Market Summary

1.1 Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin (BTC) closed October at $20,410 with a change of +5.89%, while Ethereum (ETH) traded at $1,561 or +18.37%. Dogecoin (DOGE) gained over +100% ROI in one week, making it the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Binance Coin (BNB) continued its 3-months rise with another +15%.

Overall cryptocurrency performance for October 2022 (taken on Oct 31 at 23:59 UTC). Source: CoinCodex

Global cryptocurrency market capitalization:

The crypto market closed above $1.00T market cap, with Bitcoin taking a 38.15% share. In October, 25% of cryptocurrencies gained value while 75% dropped in price, showing a sign of portfolio rebalancing, considering the fact that top cryptocurrencies appreciated.

Market data for October 2022 (taken on Oct 31 at 23:59 UTC). Source: CoinCodex

Bitcoin’s price action

Bitcoin (BTC) opened the month at $19,419 and slowly increased in price until reaching a resistance level of around $20,400. After the $100M Binance bridge hack on Oct 7, prices started to fall, and on Oct 13, after the US CPI 8.2% hike, BTC dropped an additional -4.26%, reaching a local bottom at $18,183.

Afterward, the digital currency gained +9.96% and began trading into the consolidating range for ten days before getting an additional +9.31% pump between Oct 26–28, thanks to the Musk Effect.

Chart of Bitcoin’s price history between Oct 1 — Oct 31. Source: TradingView

Bitcoin closed at $20,493 on Oct 31, gaining +5.53% for the month. That ranks it below the average of +26.79% from the previous 13 years, according to BMR. The average ROI in November is +39.21% (BTC’s best month), but it had three negative months in the last five years, so it is not a clear indicator of what will happen this time.

Ethereum’s price action

In October, Ethereum grew from a $1,328 open price to a $1,573 close at the end of the month, making a +18,44% ROI. Ethereum traded narrowly between the beginning of the month and the Musk Effect. We felt the impact of September’s Merge to some extent, but the asset still gots a lot to recover until its back to its ATH.

Chart of Ethereum’s price history between Oct 1 — Oct 31. Source: TradingView


After its last prominent decline from August, the DeFi pulse index price chart consolidated in September. October saw an increase of +8.26%, with protocols like Uniswap and Aave appreciating.

Chart of Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols between Aug 1 — Oct 31. Source:

Top Crypto News In October

[Oct 1, 2022] Investors Are Selling Euros and Pounds For Bitcoin At a Rapid Rate
According to Messari data, investors are selling the Euro and British Pound for Bitcoin in record numbers. Thomas Dunleavy, a senior research analyst at the company, tweeted: “If your currency was rapidly depreciating, what would you buy to protect your purchasing power? The answer for Euro and Pound holders has been #Bitcoin”

Image Source Messari research on Twitter

[Oct 11, 2022] Google Bets On Crypto & Partners With Coinbase
Beginning early next year, Google has partnered with Coinbase to enable specific customers to pay for cloud services with cryptocurrency. This partnership with Coinbase will bring developers one step closer to Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s goal of making Web3 development faster and easier.

[Oct 28, 2022] Three $500M+ Events For Binance In October
In October, Binance made three headlines involving sums over $500M:

[Oct 31, 2022] The Musk Effect: Dogecoin Rallies By Over +100%
As Elon Musk completed his $44Bn acquisition of Twitter, his favorite crypto Dogecoin, soared over +102% ROI.

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1.2 Macroeconomic Outlook

Every month, we analyze the global economic picture in relation to other risky assets. That shows us how cryptocurrencies perform on a larger scale and if there is a correlation between markets.


In October, the SP500 index recorded a net gain of +6.99% and showed a similar reaction to the inflation data as Bitcoin. The BTC Pearson Correlation (30D) remained around 0.57 out of 1, indicating a slight decrease in the interrelationship between crypto and the SP500 index.

Chart of SP500’s price history between Oct 1 — Oct 31. Source: TradingView

Commodity Markets

In October 2022

  • Energy prices fell -7.5%, led by natural gas in Europe at -34% and the U.S. at -27.6%.
  • Non-energy prices fell -1.2%.
  • Agricultural prices eased +0.7%.
  • Food prices increased by +0.8%, led by grains at +5.7%.
  • Beverages and raw materials declined by -6.4% and -3.2%, respectively.
  • Fertilizer prices lessened by -3.7%.
  • Metal prices dropped by -1.7%, led by tin at -8.2%, iron ore at -7.3%, and zinc at -5%.
  • Precious metals eased +0.4%.


Part 2: Research

Crypto trading and AI. These are the two things that shape One Click Crypto and the 67,000 words of research documents we released in the past twelve months. This time, we take a completely different look at it.

We give machines a rest and let humans lead the investments. Starting off, we will look at the most incredible trades in crypto of the last 13 years and the story behind them. Afterward, instead of exploring AI as a financial tool, we will examine how people invest in artificial intelligence (and if it is too late to do so).

2.1 The Greatest Crypto Trades Of The Last 13 Years

The financial world is full of legendary stories about investors taking tremendous risks to make a fortune. Movies and other documentaries like “The Big Short” and “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” exist because of that, and everyday rookie investors get inspired by them.

While the Internet has extensive information and background on each of the greatest financial trades, there is not a single complete article when applied to cryptocurrencies.

It is a shame because crypto has been the most lucrative investment opportunity in the past two decades, yet some of the success stories will never be revealed. That is completely fine, considering the anonymous nature of DeFi, but there are ways to dig up information and make takeaways from it.


We gathered data from the following sources:

  • News articles
  • Online publications such as Reddit posts, Twitter threads, and crypto forums threads
  • On-chain data from top Blockchains
  • Blogs of popular centralized exchanges (CEX)

Perhaps in 5 to 10 more years, there will be information on topics like this inside science journals. The best resource available for now is the Blockchain records and online sources. Since the data format on each crypto trade is different, we will present the complete information on each one and use ROI (return on investment) as the common denominator between them.

The Greatest Crypto Trades

At the beginning of the list are some of the greatest futures trades.

$2.6M In One Day On Binance Futures

A top-ranked trader on Binance’s futures platform, named BatThursdayBurn, earned just over $2.6M in 24 hours on Dec 16, 2020. At the time, Bitcoin reached $23,000 for the first time, and the whole market was thriving.

Source: Decrypt (from Dec 17, 2020)

Legitimacy: Confirmed by Binance’s leaderboard (on the date of the trade)
Margin (actual investment): Unknown as data on what leverage was used is missing
Investment size: $17,240,415 → PnL * (1/ROI)
ROI: 15.17% | PnL: $2,615,371

$300k — > $3M In Five Days

A leading quantitative crypto trading firm reported on Jun 16, 2022, that their positions made 10x in just five days. At the time, the DeFi market suffered some of its worst meltdowns and went down by over -40%. Yet, this investor shorted the market at the right time and gained $2.7M in profits.

Source: Twitter Account (from Jun 16, 2022)

Legitimacy: Confirmed by Binance’s profile
Leverage: Unknown | Investment size: Unknown
Margin (actual investment): $300,000
ROI: Almost 10x → around 1000% (aggregated) | PnL: $2,877,352

Risked $7k To Make $230k In a Single Bitcoin Trade

Source: Reddit Thread started by the user (from Oct 23, 2021)

On Oct 23, 2021, a Reddit user shared the following screenshot and said: ‘When all you had to lose was $7344, but you gained $230k, keep chasing your dreams’

Legitimacy: Math adds up but can be an edit
Margin (actual investment): $7,344
Leverage: 50x
Investment size: 9 BTC or $367,200 at the time
ROI: +3,175% | PnL: $233,237

By using a 50x leverage the investor risked liquidation if BTC went down by just 2%.

For his luck, the asset trended only upward and made him over $200k in profits, but did he close his trade on time is the question?

Two Trades, Two Million US Dollars

Another big player under the Twitter name ‘RookieXBT’ shared his successful crypto trade on Feb 19, 2021. By using 10x and 5x leverage on BTC and ETH respectively, the investor doubled his investment in just two trades, adding an additional $2M to his portfolio.

Source: Twitter Account (from Feb 19, 2021)

Legitimacy: Good probability since it comes from a verified source (and the math adds up)
Margin (actual investment): 15 BTC and 500 ETH (~ $1,478,417 at the time)
Leverage: 10x for BTC and 5x for ETH
Investment size: 150 BTC & 2,500 ETH (~ $10,986,012 at the time)
ROI: Above +110% on both trades | PnL: $2,103,739

The LUNA Meltdown +500,00% ROE

During the Terra(LUNA) meltdown in May 2022, crypto traders began to use leveraged short positions against the LUNA coin. While $40.0B got erased in a matter of days during the crash, some gained profit.

But the Internet also got flooded with screenshots of unrealistic gains, and no one bothered to debunk them until now. Below are four examples that instantly signal suspicion towards them.

Examples of extraordinary FAKE trades that hover around internet forums and social media.
  • Why are they fake?

The maximum ROI of a short-position trade without leverage is 100% (if the asset goes to zero). Leverage trading amplifies the amount. Binance Futures offers up to 125x leverage (it was up to 50x for LUNA). That means that the largest ROI (or ROE) that one could have possibly made is 100% x 50 = +5000%. That is impressive, as it would’ve turned a $1,000 investment into $50,000 (and some people did it).

Using either Binance Futures Calculator or calculating in Excel or paper can validate the ROE% are impossible mathematically. Furthermore, the number and image formatting of the ROE% signals photo editing.

Finally, even if a trader kept opening new short positions as the asset was trading down the math does not work out. Since LUNA went down by -100% regardless of your entry point, that would sum out to a +5,000% ROE on each short trade, but the aggregated value of all investments would still be +5,000% on everything invested.

The Real LUNA Winners

Even though the above images were likely edited, people who actually shorted LUNA during that time made one of the biggest profits in crypto’s history.

A forecaster and retired trader under the Twitter name GiganticRebirth made a huge bet against Terra and went all in, essentially accumulating ~$28M Net PnL. He also paid about $450k to fund his short trades on Luna Classic.

Another investor under the Twitter name edwardmorra_btc made a couple of profitable short trades during the Terra collapse. He later proceeded with 20x leverage long positions in the same market, additionally increasing his profits. Here are two of his best scalping trades.

Unlike the unrealistic pictures from the previous page, here the results at least look correct. A buy position at 0.0001000 that was closed at 0.0003270 would be +227%, and with the 20x leverage on top, that number becomes +4540%.

The second example is for a long position that was opened at 0.004900 and closed at 0.020680 would give a +322% ROI or +6,440.82% with 20x leverage. In other words, if he invested $500 in each of the trades, that would have given him $54904 PnL in the end, or almost 55x ROI.

Turning $25M From DCA-ing Ethereum Into $178M

Dollar-cost-averaging or DCA is a time-tested strategy that household names in investing, such as Warren Buffet, implement. The purpose of DCA is to smooth out the entry price of investors by spreading out their purchases across periods of smaller amounts. For example, buying $1,000 worth of BTC or $AAPL every month.

By looking at Blockchain explorers such as Blockchair, we can see all on-chain transactions and try to find if there is a single address that made a prosperous trade. While DCA is a long-term investment strategy, we can look at it from a trading perspective in the following scenario:

  • Investor started DCA-ing on Aug 20, 2016, and continued to do so, without selling his positions until Dec 01, 2018, when he sold everything for a profit.

The anonymous investors with an Ethereum address of 0x90e63…4a91 started to accumulate Ethers on Aug 20, 2016, for $11.28. Two years and 446 purchases at an aggregated cost of $25.18M later he emptied the whole content of his wallet in a single transaction (we qualify this moment in time as the SALE point).

At the time of the sale, ETH was priced at $118.50, making his original investment of $25,182,241.92 into $178,675,536.94. The current value of the one-and-a-half million Ethers right now is $2,33B.

Finally, here are two of the most famous crypto success stories that qualify as great trades as well.

Two Pizzas For $200,000,000

Perhaps, the most well-known story in crypto is that of Laszlo Hanyecz, who, on May 22, 2010, made the first official Bitcoin trade, when he exchanged 10,000 BTC (worth around $40 then) for two large pizzas from a local pizza restaurant in Florida.

For some, this exchange is insane, considering BTC’s price today, but without it, there would not be a real-life implication of cryptocurrencies still. May 22 is now officially celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day all around the globe.

Teen Millionaire By Investing $1,000 From His Grandma

Erik Finman, twelve years old at the time, purchased 83 BTC in May 2011 at a price per coin of $12. He used $1,000 that his grandmother gave him, making this one of the greatest financial trades of all time.

His initial investment increased 1000x times, reaching well above $1.00M, him being 18 years old. He later continued his crypto journey by acquiring even more Bitcoins and investing in Ethereum while it was below $100.

A similar story from Oct 2013 found on Reddit shows how a person bought $1000 worth of Bitcoin for his 94-year-old grandmother, essentially 20x her money in a year.

Misconception When Talking About ‘Greatest Crypto Trades’

As we stated in the introduction of the research, there is a misconception about the greatest crypto trades. Most of the online resources that talk about the topic mention names like Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), The Winklevoss Twins (early Bitcoin investors), and even Satoshi Nakamoto (creator of Bitcoin).

They are undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in the industry, and their investments are worth Billions of dollars. But the correct category for them is “pioneers in crypto” rather than traders. Nonetheless, they are worth mentioning for their overall impact on the decentralized finance world.

Further Research

The nature of crypto and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is rather incognito. People prefer to stay anonymous, and for some of the greatest crypto trades, we may never hear. But here is what we can do to detect the new ones.

  • Have software that monitors on-chain transactions and scalps for extraordinary trades
  • Gather data from the Binance Futures leaderboard and similar resources from CEXs
  • Be part of online trading and crypto communities where people share their success stories


The first cryptocurrency trade happened twelve years ago in 2010, and ever since then new and more exciting crypto success stories are coming out each year. It is finally time for these moments to get wider recognition in the financial world, as DeFi will soon be an integral part of the global economy.

A common trait in the list of the greatest crypto trades is the right timing of the investors. Regardless, if someone bought Bitcoin when it was $12, DCA-d Ethereum over a year-long bull run, or shorted the market during its worst meltdowns it all comes down to nailing the perfect moment.

Replicating some of these trades will take an enormous amount of risk and luck. Shorting a market with over 20x leverage can instantly burn an investor’s position in a candlestick, and if he is using a ‘cross margin’ setting on his exchange, he can even burn the rest of his Futures portfolio. In fact, over 80% of day traders lose money.

The takeaway that investors can use even today is purchasing new, undervalued assets and dollar-cost-averaging in projects with long-term growth potential and life cycle. Also, never exchange all of your cryptos… even for pizza.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This report is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.

2.2 🧬 7 Ways To Invest In Artificial Intelligence

Usually, when we talk about AI and investing in research, the focus is on using machine learning and neural networks to optimize trading. However, the emphasis today will be on the 7 ways to invest in artificial intelligence, such as buying AI company stocks or other financial products that benefit from its development.

One of the most influential and contentious technologies of the twenty-first century is artificial intelligence. In the previous ten years, the industry experienced exponential growth, with a 100% increase every four months. The good news is that the sector has yet to peak, and there are numerous ways for investors to get into the market even in 2022.

The list

Below are seven of the most popular AI investments (in no particular order):

1) AI ETFs (exchange-traded funds)
2) Tech stocks like FAANG
3) AI chips & hardware companies
4) Shares in AI research laboratories
5) Equity in projects with innovative use of AI
6) Tokens in AI Blockchain companies
7) Stocks in robotic manufacturers

1) AI ETFs (exchange-traded funds)

AI ETFs, are like other similar funds in sectors such as blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and genomics. An AI ETF holds a basket of publicly traded companies involved in all stages of AI development and implementation. That makes investing simple for those who want to get exposure to a broader range of AI companies without having to do research on each individual company and invest in each of them one by one.

Returns of the three AI ETFs in the last five years. Source: Google Finance.

Popular AI ETFs:

  • Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ)
  • ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ)
  • RIBI Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF (ROBO)

Right now they are trading way below their peak price from 2021.

2) Tech stocks like FAANG

Another popular investment in AI among retail investors is purchasing tech stocks like

  • FAANG (Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google)
  • Self-driving cars (Tesla, Zoox, Waymo)
  • Software giants (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP)

While investors consider these companies as high-quality purchases, the fact is that FAANG companies and other blue-chip tech titans have low exposure to artificial intelligence. Their core operations will undoubtedly improve as AI advances, but these companies are too large to experience exponential growth from it.

Returns of the five FAANG companies. Source: Google Finance.

Alphabet (Google) is the closest thing to a true AI company from FAANG. Although they made significant contributions to the field, advertising accounts for approximately 81% of Alphabet’s revenue.

This means that their investments in AI and machine learning will not propel them into the truly exponential growth phase that other investments on the list may experience.

3) AI chips & hardware companies

The first deep learning algorithm was published in 1967, but commercial applications didn’t take off until 2010. Big neural networks need a lot of data and crunching it requires even more processing power.

We needed more computers to train deep neural networks in a reasonable time for decades. But now we have them, and investors favor those who supply the hardware for AI.

There are several manufacturers of AI chips, or GPUs specifically designed for machine learning, available today.

  • AMD is the current market leader
  • Nvidia (NVDA) is their main competitor
  • Intel is the first AI chip company in the world to break the $1Bn
  • IBM is the creator of one the most powerful hardware processors “IBM Telum”
Returns of the top four AI chips and hardware companies. Source: Google Finance.

4) Shares in AI research laboratories.

AI research laboratories are one of the most vital parts of furthering the development of AI and ML technology. Without their advancements in the field, we would not be able to produce the level of automation and AI assistants we have today.

Two of the most influential AI research labs are

  • DeepMind (part of Google and creators of AlphaGo, AlphaZero, and the Transformer AI models that are used in NLP models, biological sequence analysis, video understanding, and even trading automation).
  • OpenAI (creators of GPT3 language models and DALL-E)

Investing in the above two companies directly is hard at the moment since they are not public, but there are several solutions. Investors can buy shares in companies invested in DeepMind and OpenAI, or look for an upcoming IPO of another AI research lab. But there is maybe a better way altogether.

According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the current research laboratories will be at the center of the production of fundamental technology, and not much competition will emerge in the near future.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman | AI for the Next Era. Source: Greylock YouTube.

However, he believes that projects that build on the basic models of these research labs to meet a specific need will be highly successful (more on that in the next investment). Innovation is the key word here, rather than reinventing the wheel and trying to create better versions of the DeepMind and OpenAI models.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This report is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.

5) Equity in projects with innovative use of AI

Chip manufacturers provide the hardware, and AI laboratories develop the software, but projects that make innovative use of the technology benefit the most.

Below are several case studies of such companies:

  • CrowdAI (a vision AI that can be customized towards different needs; used to detect wildfires in California and by manufacturers to improve production speed)
  • Ezra (an FDA-approved technology that does full-body MRI scans using AI to detect early-stage cancer for less than $2,000)
  • Ocrolus (a fintech document automation software that helps customers make faster, more accurate lending decisions using machine learning)

For investors looking to take a risk on AI projects, it is best practice to look for upcoming IPOs and funding rounds in order to buy at the cheapest initial price.

AI funding round calendar

6) Tokens in AI blockchain companies

Buying tokens in companies that use AI in blockchain technology is another way to invest in AI. This is a speculative investment because these projects are at the cutting edge of the two most important future innovations that are still very volatile.

One Click Crypto (1CC) is an example of a business that utilizes machine learning in its trading software. In two years 1CC produced 9 fully-trained crypto trading bots, that run entirely on neural network programming. These AI crypto trading machines scan the market 24/7 and execute trades with up to 100% accuracy for an average of +4% monthly excess returns.

Token distribution of 1CC by time. Source: One Click Crypto 1CC Tokenomics.

Other examples of a successful implementation of AI in blockchain and crypto:

  • CertiK (provides tools powered by AI and Formal Verification to secure blockchain, smart contracts, and Web3 applications)
  • Bext360 (uses AI and blockchain to boost supply chain transparency and efficiency in the coffee, timber, seafood, and mineral industries)
  • Cyware Labs (incorporates AI and blockchain-based tools into its cybersecurity and threat intelligence solutions)

7) Stocks in robotic manufacturers.

Robotic manufacturers are benefiting from the increasing trend of automation in various industries. This has led to strong demand for robotic systems, and manufacturers are investing heavily in research and development to create more advanced machines. The stock prices of leading robotic manufacturers have been on the rise in recent years, and investors are keen to capitalize on this trend.

Some examples of companies that manufacture robots are

These companies are all leaders in the field of robotics and are doing cutting-edge work in the development of robots. Investing in them is one of the 7 ways to get exposure to the monetary growth of AI-related products.


Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that have the capacity to revolutionize the way we live. In just 10 years, AI went from narrow applications like chatbots to self-driving cars and inexplicable image/video recognition/generation. With continued advancements in the upcoming decade, AI will become increasingly sophisticated and will eventually become an integral part of our lives.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early days, and there are a number of ways to invest in this transformative technology. From buying shares in AI-focused companies to investing in dedicated AI funds, there are opportunities for both large and small investors to get involved early.

With the right approach, investing in artificial intelligence can be a lucrative and exciting way to participate in the future of technology.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This report is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.

2.3 More Research

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Part 3: One Click Crypto AI Performance

The performance of One Click Crypto (1CC) is detailed in the following section, beginning with the aggregated returns from October 2022 for all trading strategies that ran for the entire month.

Data from Oct 1, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Oct 31, 2022, 23:59 UTC. Source: 1CC app

Overall One Click Crypto returned +1.57%, while BTC went up +5.07% and ETH gained +17.23%.

It is safe to say that up to Oct 24, the 1CC AI bots were matching the performance of the two largest cryptos. After that, the sentiment of the market changed rapidly, followed by a sharp price increase in leading digital assets.

Even though the trading bots did not catch the uptrend this time, they did gain profits on average. That is important because real wealth is not built in one price cycle but rather over a longer period.

The example is from an investor’s case study from the One Click Crypto August Report.

Also, it is important to note that during a price rally, the most that a bot can return is a 1:1 ratio to underlying assets, since it is dependent on it.

But once the market finds a correction point and starts trading down, that is when the AI actually gains an edge over the market.

Of course, this is not guaranteed to always happen, but it is one of the key patterns that help AI bots make money in crypto markets.

In the end, it is better to gain 5% and keep it, rather than gain 20% and lose it back again (and sometimes more).

3.1 Best-Performing AI Strategies

The most profitable AI trading bots in October were Astral v2: +3.77%, Performer v2: +3.18% & Endeavour: +2.63%.

Table of the net return of the top 3 AI strategies at 1CC in October 2022. Data Source: 1CC app

3.2 Best-Performing Market Pairs

Below are the three most profitable market pairs for One Click Crypto’s trading bots. Unsurprisingly, all of them are in DOGE pairs with DOGE: USDT for the Explorer AI at first with a +73.76% ROI.

October 2022 return of the best-performing market pairs and the strategy used for them. Source: 1CC app

3.3 Long-term Performance

Despite having a great month-to-month performance again, Ethereum still has not recovered from its losses in the previous six months. In fact, over a 180 days period, both BTC and ETH are down by roughly 40%, while the longest-running active strategies at One Click have remained between -2% and +2%.

The average return of all active 1CC strategies for the last 1,3 and 6 months, as of October 31, 2022. Source: 1CC app

3.4 Historical Track Record

Outperforming Bitcoin

One Click Crypto vs. BTC Jan 15, 2021 — Oct 31, 2022. Source: 1CC Internal Stats

The graph focuses on the overall average performance of all BTC trading strategies on One Click Crypto. The AI-boosted BTC outshines the number-one crypto by over +80%

One Click Crypto’s long-term results against Bitcoin.

1CC: +34.31%
BTC: -46.69%

One Click Crypto’s long-term results against Ethereum.

One Click Crypto vs. ETH Jan 14, 2021 — Oct 31, 2022. 1CC Internal Stats

The AI-Boosted Ethereum strategy outperformed ETH by over +190% over the course of 20+ months.

1CC: +217.09%
ETH: +26.90%

AI Trading Bots’ Response To LUNA

On May 7, 2022, LUNA started its descent from $80 per token to oblivion. On May 11, it reached $1, and the next day it was $0.01, making all the project investors deeply disappointed. One Click Crypto traded LUNA market pairs at the time, and a few strategies were still in use during the bleeding period. How did they react?

A trading bot that traded a LUNA pair for over four months. Source: 1CC app.

The first market reaction we observed was by the Performer v2 strategy trading on the LUNA: BUSD pair. On May 9, 20:05, the robot sold its LUNA position completely at $59.30. On May 10, just after 17 hours, the price of LUNA was already at $29.65, saving the investor from a -50% loss.

The second notable account of LUNA trading is held by the Clipper AI strategy, quitting the position on May 8 at $65.93 per LUNA and riding it all the way down to $3.90 and not trading ever since.

Trade history of one of the AI bots that fell under the LUNA apocalypse. Source 1CC app.

Another interesting situation happened to the strategies that traded LUNA until it reached its lows on May 14. One of the Performer v2 bots entered a position at around $0.0001, buying more than 600,000 LUNA. On the same day, the price of LUNA went up by more than +200%, giving the user an incredible ROI and offsetting previous losses.

3.5 Trade History Analysis

After several months of market dominance, this time, the AI did not have the best trading performance. That can be attributed to the start of a new cycle to which the bots need to adapt for better long-term results.

AI vs. ETH

October results:
Performer v2 AI: +2.31% (21 trades)
ETH: +17.23%

Performance chart on ETH: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.

Performer v2 followed Ethereum’s price action closely until Oct 24 when ETH began surging. Even though the bot did not catch the full bull run it still made profits for the month.

Trade history on ETH: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.

Between October 1 and October 23, Performer v2 followed a sticking pattern by trading in the consolidating Ethereum. The only blunder that P2 made was selling 65% of its capital shortly before ETH was about to pump.

AI vs. BNB

October results:
Performer v2 AI: +5.86% (16 trades)
BNB: +17.83%

Performance chart on BNB: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.

Against BNB the AI showed better results and was in an ‘outperformance’ mode in ⅓ of the month. Once again, Performer v2 decided to fold before the spike around Oct 26, but it still secured profits.

Trade history on BNB: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.

The highlight of the month for the BNB market pair is that the AI located the local bottom and placed a BUY order. Toward the end of the month, P2 bought just before the bull run, which was followed by a SELL order and a final BUY in a short timeframe. A mistake that cost the AI the ‘outperformance’ badge this month, but perhaps this is part of the robot’s plan to understand the market in the long term.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This report is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.

3.6 Community Feedback

Our Discord server, also known as ‘One Click Crypto Hub’ kept growing in October, as new marketing activities brought fresh members to the community. There are also four new channels:

  • AI Signals: live trading signals from 1CC’s top AI bots.
  • TA Ideas: technical analysis ideas by our investors.
  • PnL: a place for sharing quick screenshots of your trading bots’ profits or losses.
  • Feature Requests: dedicated channel for making requests for new features or updates.

These channels help with the organization of the server and provide members with a platform to share their insights on different aspects of their crypto journey.

Let’s look at the most insightful discussions and brilliant thoughts from our members:

Using different bots to hedge against each other

The new way of cryptocurrency hedging is pairing AI trading bots against each other. Below is a screenshot of part of the discussion on Discord about the strategy.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord.

In fact, the next page is an example of why such strategies are effective in preventing subpar results during periods of increased volatility or shift towards a new market condition. Interestingly, we can even make a hypothesis on what is the current market trend, by looking at which trading bots are doing well.

The importance of diversification

Source: One Click Crypto Discord

There are two things 1CC investors can optimize:
Allocating all assets to just a single bot, is highly dependent on the success of that individual bot, therefore more risk. So it may be better to diversify into multiple bots and pairs. For example, an investor can go to the portfolio creation on Lite mode where the One Click system will suggest the most optimal portfolio distribution.

View of the One Click Crypto app. Source: 1CC app.

Significant long-term gains against two market pairs.

One of our investors shared his incredible 200+ days of returns using the Performer v2 strategy.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord, Bot-Performance, August 10, 2022.

While both Ethereum and Uniswap lost over -40% during this period, the AI was capable of producing +36.62% gains against ETH: USDT and +30.54% against UNI: USDT.

Dominating even more markets.

Another one of OB’s investors shared his results against BNB: USDT and TRX: USDT, using the same Performer v2 strategy.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord, Bot-Performance, August 11, 2022.

Both of his bots accumulated returns, while BNB went down by -40.19% and TRX moved up by just +1.65%.

Of course, results can not always be positive, but the common trait of the most successful 1CC investors is the length that they let their trading bots trade for. In one of our latest research articles on the 100% accuracy of trading AI, we covered the bots’ capability of locating local maximums and extremums on a quarterly basis.

“Sold On Time”

Below is an exciting catch from one of the sell trades of the investor’s bots. The AI forecasted the red candlestick and sold it just on time in order to keep profits at a maximum.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord.

“Also interesting: Bot screenshots 1-day difference. Look what the market did and how the bots managed to sell on time” — Noidea

Long-term Gains

On July 18, 2022, our investor Hubhub shared a testimonial of one of his longest-running bots that underwent the market collapse.

The AI was set to trade on ETH: USDT at the start of 2022.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord.

It managed to save the looping -55.03% from being erased during the Ethereum crash.

Now, when the market is stabilizing the bot has plenty of capital to ride any upcoming uptrend.

Litecoin Magic

Here comes one of the best trading performances of the year. The LTC: BUSD trading bot of an investor under the username Ezza crushed it in 2022. After adapting in January, the AI quickly gained an edge over Litecoin and mimicked its movement at a significant +100% margin.

Source: One Click Crypto Discord.

If we look at absolute numbers here is what the investment looks like with a $10,000 hypothetical investment: Invested in January: $10,000 Litecoin at end of July: $4,524 Performer v2 at end of July: $14,268

That is 3.15x better than the asset’s performance or 315% times more money in the investor’s portfolio!

New To 1CC And Already Killing It

“hey guys — I’ve been running MATIC: BUSD for 8 days and seeing some good results based on the above query will start posting more in the bot performance section, just fairly new so letting bots run a bit first, I’ve posted in the bot-performance section the MATIC bot” — Smethersslug

It is amazing when new investors start seeing immediate results. In this case, the user launched a Performer v2 AI against MATIC: BUSD.

We can see that during the first two days his trading bot folded from taking any actions. There was a small trade on July 25, but the AI returned to fold status as the market dropped sharply in a single day (-21.56%).

On July 27, or five days infield the Performer v2 bot started mimicking MATIC’s movement and over the course of several more days was up by +24.43% since creation, against the asset’s +3.86%.

To join the discussion on the One Click Crypto Discord server, click here.

Part 4: Company News

Oct 2022 was a pivotal month in One Click’s history as it involved rebranding from One Button to One Click and expanding the general company vision into the web3 domain which enabled the official launch of the 1CC token.

4.1 One Button Capital Becomes One Click Crypto

On Oct 25, 2022, One Button Capital announced that it becomes One Click Crypto. The rebranding involves several reasons for both high-level strategic vision and aesthetic purposes.

To bring the One Click user experience to cryptocurrencies even closer, we expanded on our initial vision with a set of web3 products aimed at bringing value to everyone, even non-crypto natives.

One Click AI Invest
Invest in the most prominent coins with one click. Powered by a set of artificial intelligence tools extracting data from all of web2 and web3, the software automatically allocates your fiat/stablecoins in the assets that have the best-expected return. The best part is that it’s non-custodial and allows buying crypto even with a credit card or bank account without registration.

One Click AI Trade (DEX)

Trade your crypto from anywhere, anytime, with the cheapest rates.

With the One Click decentralized exchange cross-chain aggregator, you can get the best price for your trade.

The AI automatically analyzes prices for your assets across DEXs from 20+ blockchains and executes the trade through a bridge even if an exchange is located on another blockchain.

One Click Treasury Management
Institutional-grade AI-backed asset management tools that allow generating an extra yield on the idle assets in project treasury.

One Click Borrow/Lend
Simple solutions to borrow or lend your crypto cross-chain and with collateral.

One Click Stake
Stake your crypto for passive income with one click.

Example of how One Click AI Trade (DEX) will look like

One Click Farm/Yield
Another way to deploy your crypto for additional passive income. The AI engine will autosuggest the most optimal yield sources in terms of risk-to-reward and update allocations in real-time.

One Click Wallet
Store crypto securely on One Click non-custodial wallet with AI-powered functionalities.

One Click Bridge
Bridge your assets cross-chain with a single click with layer-0 solutions.

One Click Analytics
Examine the state of your assets across all exchanges, wallets, and chains with AI-powered data analysis.

One Click Card
Spend your crypto using a firmed One Click debit card.

4.2 1CC Token Launch

Furthermore, with its rebrand, One Click Crypto is launching a new token under the ticker 1CC in Q1 2023. The new token will serve as an integral part of the new One Click Crypto web3 product ecosystem and be a mechanism for holders to generate higher yields on their assets.

Token Utility

Access to premium features and strategies
The primary utility factor driving 1CC token growth is that it will provide holders access to top-performing strategies and advanced features of One Click Crypto products such as One Click Wallet and Analytics.

Zero-fee swaps
1CC holders will enjoy 0% trading fees on One Click Trade. Apart from the gas and liquidity provider fees, there will be no additional fees required if you’re holding 1CC.

Entry barrier for yield providers
Yield providers such as traders, algorithm developers, asset management funds, and other professionals can feature their strategies on the One Click Invest app and get an allocation from the capital locked in 1CC vaults.

In One Click Invest, 1CC is automatically purchased from the open market from 1% of the transaction volume, thereby generating upward pressure.

Better yield
By staking their 1CC, holders will automatically receive improved yields (up to +25% better) on One Click Staking and Farming.

Better rates
The same principle applied to One Click Lending: 1CC stakers more favorable lending and borrowing terms optimized by at most 50%.

Turbocharged treasury management
1CC stakers receive higher yields and discounted fees in One Click Treasury Management. This utility benefit will be mainly applied to DAOs and institutional asset managers looking to generate extra yield on their holdings.

By holding 1CC in their One Click Wallet, users will receive cashback from One Click Card purchases of up to 10%.

Apart from all the additional benefits obtained through staking 1CC in One Click Crypto, all stakers will receive passive yield amounting to +40% APY.

One Click Earn
Just by holding 1CC in your wallet, you can receive profits acquired from the One Click Crypto treasury management. Up to 20% of all profit generated will be automatically distributed between token holders quarterly.

Burn Mechanism

Burn on transaction
0.1% of the 1CC token will be burned automatically from each transaction (buy, sell, or transfer).

Buyback and burn
Additionally, up to 25% of the total supply will be burned across the next five years with buybacks. One Click Crypto team will use excess revenue to buy back the token from the open market and send it to the burn wallet.

4.3 1CC Tokenomics

The 1CC token will have the following allocation:

Seed: A total of 2.80% or 3,248,000.00 1CC will be allocated to seed investors.

Private A: A total of 5.80% or 6,728,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the Private A round.

Private B: A total of 9.80% or 11,368,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the Private B round.

Public: A total of 1.60% or 1,856,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the public sale.

OBT Holders: A total of 2.50% or 2,900,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the OBT token holders.

Team and Advisors: A total of 12.80% or 14,848,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the team and advisors of One Click Crypto.

Community Incentives: A total of 27.30% or 31,668,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the community incentives.

Ecosystem & Partnerships: A total of 16.20% or 18,792,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the ecosystem and partnerships.

Treasury: A total of 17.10% or 19,836,000.00 1CC will be allocated to One Click treasury.

Liquidity: A total of 4.10% or 4,756,000.00 1CC will be deployed to the liquidity on the listed exchanges.

Read in detail the reasoning behind each one here.

4.4 $1,000,000 Airdrop for OBT Holders

For its upcoming 1CC token launch, One Click Crypto will allocate $1,000,000 worth of its supply to OBT holders. A total of 2,857,142.857 1CC tokens based on their public sale price of $0.35 will be airdropped to all holders of OBT.

How can you be eligible?

  • Buy and hold OBT tokens.


  • A snapshot of the OBT token holders will be taken 7 days before the official 1CC token listing (see the exact date in upcoming announcements) and rewards will be airdropped on the next day.
  • The rewards will be distributed to the same wallet address on a different chain (Ethereum). For example, if you hold OBT on your Binance Chain wallet 0xe68…0b2, 1CC will be airdropped to the same wallet on Ethereum Chain.

Distribution ratio

  • Each OBT holder will receive 1 1CC token for 3.5 OBT tokens.

Unlock schedule

  • 50% of airdropped 1CC tokens will be unlocked in the first 7 days after listing, the rest will unlock linearly over the next 5 months.


  • You are holding 35,000 OBT (Current price 1 OBT = ±$0.01)
  • At the moment of an airdrop, you will receive 10,000 1CC tokens worth $3,500.

4.5 One Click Crypto Events

After the thriving marketing campaign in Asia during the summer, the One Click Crypto team went to Dubai for three of the largest DeFi and Web3 events of the year.

Picture in front of Crypto Expo in Dubai on Oct 5, 2022.

1CC In Dubai Mini Report

One Click Crypto was in UAE primarily for a few blockchain events and we had a chance to meet with the most extraordinary people from the largest web3 projects in the MENA region and worldwide.

Alongside a dozen side events, the three main events we attended were:

- Oct 4–5 Blockchain Economy Summit
- Oct 5–6 Crypto Expo
- Oct 10–14 GITEX GLOBAL

Upcoming Events

In November One Click Crypto will participate in the following events:

4.6 Product Updates

This Month’s Updates

FTX subaccount support

This month we introduced an improved way for our investors to use FTX with One Click Crypto’s app through subaccounts. This way, you can have your own dedicated “One Click Crypto” FTX subaccount and keep your investment separated.

Improved trade history

In order to introduce further transparency of the AI bots’ actions we have added new parameters to the trade history. They aim to show the signal strength of the trade and the distribution of the bot’s balance in crypto and fiat.

Improved portfolio allocation step

We have introduced a series of updates related to the portfolio allocation::

  • An improved stable coin scanning mechanism in order to immediately reflect top-ups
  • “Refresh balance” functionality to manually refresh the available balance

Other updates

  • Changed default “lite view” portfolio overview page
  • Indicators that warn about high exchange fees
  • Resolved bugs related to FTX average order fill price and stop-loss configuration
  • Resolved miss-calculation for MDD and market MDD
  • Resolved issue with Bitpanda Pro order fill price
  • Resolved order execution issues for FTX main accounts
  • Resolved issue with 0 for order price on (order rejection by exchange)
  • Resolved Binance.US bug that didn’t allow certain stop-loss orders to be retrieved from the exchange

Final Word

Bear markets create wealth, but only a handful of people do what is necessary when the chance occurs. The average length of a crypto recession is 289 days, and it’s been almost 1 year since the markets started to plummet last November. Now a year later, it looks like a crypto renaissance is forming, with top digital assets like BNB surging by +20.02% in the past week alone.

Human psychology will continue to play its role in dictating trend direction, but the technological upgrades and lessons learned over the past 12 months made the crypto economy faster, better, and stronger.

What are we waiting for?

One Click Crypto in Media

One Click Crypto Resources

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This report is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.


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