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Should you hold your Crypto or Trade with One Button AI? Making the right investment

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One Click Crypto
September 28, 2021
Sep 28

Many people who invest in crypto just hold or hodl (from an infamous spelling mistake on a crypto forum) on to their investment and wait for the price of their coins to go up. With the volatility of the crypto market, you can make a nice profit this way. And it is easy. You buy a crypto coin, lock it up in your wallet and after an extended period, you look at it again. Ideally, you cash in on your profit. Does not sound like really hard work.

What if you start using OB Trader AI during the same timeframe that you hodl? If you install one of our OB Trading AI bots, they will trade 24/7 on your behalf. With a variety of bots and strategies on offer, not only will you have the same profit as when you hodl, you can also make a profit on the bot trades. In just three simple steps you can set up our OB Trader AI bots.

How does OB Trader AI outperform holding crypto?

OB Trader AI can outperform holding crypto in a variety of ways. The only thing that you need to do is select your preferred bot and combine this with the strategy you choose. It’s all just one click of a button away. No need for complex programming, that is all done for you.

When you plan to invest, the only thing of interest is most likely where you can get the best risk vs return scenario.

When you hodl, it can be challenging knowing when the best time is to take profits. Your mindset may be all set in holding and by the time you are ready to sell, the market may already be in a downtrend.

Especially during September 2021, Bitcoin saw a 19% and a 12% crash during this month. Most altcoins follow suit and track Bitcoin. Even Ethereum lost its momentum.

With OB Trading bots, that problem won’t be an issue. Our AI trading bots have all different monthly projected ROI’s, averaging from 5.63% per month with the Ascendant to an average of up to 12–15% ROI with the Performer or Solar.

Our OB Trader AI bots can identify not so obvious patterns, adjust to markets, activate, and relax where and when needed, take advantage of mass markets, and are self-learning. Over time, they will perform better.

What financial gain can you expect?

The OB Trading AI bots can make trades all day long. They analyze the market and at the right moment, they make a trade. Even if the trade is only a 1% profit, with five such trades per day, you made 5% profit that day. Most of the time the trades are much less than 1%. However, the bot keeps working endlessly, and all small trades add up over a longer period.

Clipper (14,763 trades), Ascendant (18,411), Ascendant v2 (11,930) make plenty of trades per month. Even during the volatile September 2021 month, they trade with a profit. The ROI for our Horizon bot is at a monthly 10.24% with 5,409 trades. Astral V2 had a top market ROI over the last 30 days, with TRX:USDT of +22.16%. All ROIs depends on the chosen market and market conditions.

Our Trader AI Solar made a $5,219 profit this month, Clipper $12,241, and Ascendant $1,129. On a yearly basis, this will make a very interesting ROI.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros of using OB Trader AI

  • It makes investing simple. No need to study charts for hours, the OB Trading AI bot does this for you.
  • Parameters are all set and ready to go. All it takes is choosing a Trading bot and a strategy.
  • Maximizing profits. OB Trader AI bots are experts in multitasking. They run analysis of various currencies and trade simultaneously.
  • Safety. AI trades inside your exchange account. Your assets are always safe.
  • No emotions are involved. OB Trader AI removes all emotions from trading. This is considered one of the main benefits of using a crypto trading bot.
  • 99.999% platform uptime. Forget about lags or service disruptions.
  • Transparency. Our team is there for you for support and advice.

Pros of HODL

  • It is simple and easy. You buy and you hodl, there is nothing else to it.
  • Tax. In most countries, you only pay taxes when you take out profit.
  • Pay no fees. Since you don’t participate in trading, there are no fees or commissions to be paid.
  • No stress. Since you abide your time, there is no need to stress out over market fluctuations.
  • Small investments. You can start with small investments. There is no minimum investment needed.

Cons of using OB Trader AI

  • Limited crypto coins available. Typically, a limited number of crypto coins are available on trading bots. OB Trader AI bots currently cover 36 trading pairs.
  • Some supervision is required. Occasionally, you do have to look after them, check if all is running fine.
  • Profit depends on trading strategy. You need to find the strategy that works best with your OB Trader AI.
  • No stop-loss limit used. Make sure that your package includes a stop-loss limit.

Cons of HODL

  • Not take full advantage of crypto market volatility. With the right trading strategy, more profit can be made.
  • Emotions. FOMO and FUD can lead to emotional reactions which may not be profitable.
  • Time-consuming. It may take some time before profits show. You need good mental capacity and patience for not allowing your emotions to get in the way.
  • Not knowing when to take profit. You hodl, but you want profit as well. Even with a big profit, you continue to hodl, until the market drops, and it is too late.
  • You tie up your funds. This is a long-term investment plan and because of that, you may miss out on other investment opportunities.

Final thoughts

OB Trader AI machine learning algorithms pre-trained on crypto markets give better ROI than simply holding cryptocurrencies. It is time to embrace the power of AI/ML technology and get the best ROI out of your crypto investment.

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