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It’s been a long time since OB trading AI was available for public use. Now it’s time to move on.

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One Click Crypto
March 24, 2022
Mar 24

It’s been more than 2 years since we started our journey to creating the most innovative crypto trading strategies.

Since our first public launch in November 2020, we released 11 AI trading strategies and added integrations with 5 major crypto exchanges. More than 12,000 users signed up to create our trading bots and made over 95,000 trades in total. At its peak, the assets under management were as high as $14,000,000. Truly outstanding numbers.

We wanted to combine the powerful concept of machine learning with cryptocurrency trading to build an easy-to-use and highly performing wealth management tool.

For the Performer and Performer v2 AI trading strategies, we achieved average monthly market outperformance of +5.16% and +10.76% respectively. For these AIs combined, the Sharpe ratio is 4.79, and Max drawdown is -29.53%.

Over the last 6 months, One Button trading bots cumulatively outperformed the two biggest cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Ethereum by almost 40% and 30%, saving our investors for massive losses during the current downtrend.

Cumulative ROI of OB trading bots (OBT) VS ROI of BTC and ETH

Now it’s time to move forward.

We gathered enough evidence that One Button trading AI can produce significant capital gains. Therefore, there is no longer a need to keep the app open to the public.

Starting from April 14, 2022, 23:59, new users will no longer be able to sign up freely on the One Button app. The app will become invite-only, meaning that we might invite a limited number of users from the waitlist every month. We might also only provide access to new users based on their $OBT holdings.

What does it mean for existing users?

Existing users will not be affected.

All accounts created before the above mentioned date will be available to their users forever.

Users will still have access to the One Button functionality based on their subscription level.

Some users may receive the ability to invite a limited number of new users as a part of the referral fee program.

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One Click Crypto
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