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Announcing OB Capital - a fresh vision for One Button, its products, and a detailed view into the future roadmap

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May 19, 2022
May 19

One Button Trading is set to open another chapter in its history with the introduction of powerful new features, a total re-branding, and a positive shift in direction for the ecosystem we’ve built around the One Button Trader app and our native token, $OBT.

Since its launch in 2020, One Button Trading has evolved many times. From public beta and the rise of funny robot AIs in the One Button Trader app, to our token launch and To-The-Moon plan, our One Button NFTs, tons of AI experiments and case studies, some buggy code, and a roller coaster of ups and downs in the markets — One Button Trading has been through the gambit.

Despite the significant market downturns we’ve faced in the last several months, One Button Trader’s best performing AI strategies delivered +7.02% and +8.12% monthly returns with maximum drawdown being 29.16% and 21.45% respectively¹.

Source: /stats page

Over the past 6 months, we’ve outperformed BTC and ETH by +19.27% and +18.82% respectively, proving that our AI trading technology deserves the confidence of investors in managing their cryptocurrency asset portfolios even in the market downtrends.

Last 6 months OB performance vs BTC and ETH

After this 2-year ride, it’s time to put what we’ve built and learned into action.

One Button Trading becomes One Button Capital.

What does it mean?

On top of a visual re-branding, One Button Capital will usher in a wave of new features, product updates, marketing and acquisition strategies, as well as new developments for the community and $OBT holders.

Product focus

One Button Capital app will be exclusively focused on delivering a one button experience to investors from all walks of life — not just cryptocurrency and AI enthusiasts. No longer will new users need to face a steep learning curve by being forced to choose from a list of different trading bots, market pairs, and connect their exchange through APIs.

We will achieve this experience by doing the following:

  • Featuring a drastically simplified front-end design to contain only essential inputs, removing all distractions, annoying pop-ups, long convoluted tutorials, and irrelevant elements. We’ll introduce a straight and simple UI to lead a user from onboarding to investing.
  • Implementing backend AI-based algorithms to distribute and manage the portfolio. The technology developed by our engineers will automatically allocate your capital to the most profitable market pairs and AI trading strategies.
  • Removing all the intermediaries and middlemen between investors and our product. Every 3rd party app or integration (e.g. Binance) causes further complications in the user experience. One Button Capital will develop solutions that will allow users to start investing just by linking their payment card on the app — no more exchanges or API keys. For DeFi users, there will be a simple “Connect Wallet” integration for trading on DEXes.

With the Lite version of the One Button app currently live, you can already see how the experience will be simplified. We will further enhance both the dashboard and portfolio creation process.

Technology focus

The One Button online app will keep evolving as our team of engineers continues to focus on improving the underlying trading technology as well as experimenting with new machine learning concepts that can deliver better returns.

Our near-term priority target is to release the leverage-trading AI to short and long markets with leverage using futures. By having the ability to execute both short and long trades, the One Button Trader app will have the opportunity to deliver positive performance in both uptrends and downtrends like a hedge fund.

Vision and concept

Speaking about hedge funds, One Button Capital will not limit itself just by using in-house AI trading strategies. The long-term vision is to connect the external providers — the best experts in traditional investing, technology, trading, and DeFi — to One Button with the goal of ultimately diversifying the strategies used to manage capital in the One Button app with the most prominent yield generation sources.

By cultivating a pool of strategies that can go either long or short, trade on various markets, and use uncorrelated methods, we aim to achieve consistent growth of returns and develop an incredibly powerful wealth management tool.

Marketing focus

One Button Trading was focused on attracting data analysts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and trading bot users with the knowledge and experience to use our products effectively. One Button Capital’s concept is completely revolutionary because it will allow everyone, regardless of their knowledge base or experience level, to invest in crypto regardless of market conditions at the time.

One Button Capital is for high-ticket and institutional investors, or your friends and neighbors alike.

One Button Capital will also focus on attracting high-ticket and institutional investors to increase assets under management and get more exposure through B2B financial markets.

To existing users and token holders

Existing users will still have access to the “legacy” version of the app and all its features via the Advanced View on the website. However, the Advanced View will soon be unavailable to new users.

As an existing user, you can still use your referral link to invite new users and receive rewards. The referral system will soon be updated to distribute rewards to affiliates for fees generated by any kind of subscription, not just $OBT-based ones.

Good news for all $OBT token holders: $OBT will be used extensively in the One Button Capital ecosystem as well as on the One Button Trader app. New investors will be required to hold a certain amount of $OBT to have their capital allocated in One Button Capital. Additionally, we plan to integrate the system to allow users to buy $OBT directly from the One Button app. The best news for holders is that the trading fees from the One Button Trader app will be used to purchase $OBT from the open market and store it in users’ accounts.

We have an ambitious plan to turn One Button Capital into a one-stop-shop, end-to-end investment vehicle for a wide variety of people across the globe. With a strong team, a smoothly running product backed by powerful and revolutionary technology, and solid support from our community and investors, we believe there is nothing that can stop us.

All the best,
CEO @ One Button Capital

¹data aggregated through all trading bots active for at least 1 month created with this AI strategy over its lifetime.

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