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Summary of one of the biggest blockchain events in Asia.

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One Click Crypto
June 28, 2022
Jun 28

Last week, One Button Capital made its first major appearance on Asian markets at the Crypto Expo, which took place in Singapore on 22–23 June.

One Button Capital was one of the premium partners of the event, and our CEO Max was giving a keynote speech on the panel.

Max Yampolsky and One Button Capital booth at Crypto Expo June 22–23

Here is a complete summary of what happened.

Crypto Expo Asia, 2022

This year Crypto Expo Asia took place on June 22–23, 2022, in Raffles City Convention Centre (Fairmont Hotel), Singapore.

The event featured market-leading content and updates on the Crypto and Blockchain industries, allowing users to smartly and securely explore the different investment opportunities available.

Over 10,000+ traders and investors from around the world attended the event. Sixty industry leaders from different parts of the industry held a speech on stage during the two days of the event.

The Role Of One Button Capital

The primary goal of One Button Capital at Crypto Expo was to gain more exposure to the Asian markets, connect with crypto enthusiasts and investors from around the world, and establish partnerships with potential partners in Blockchain and DeFi, such as crypto exchanges.

The team at One Button Capital did an excellent job both at the booth and during the presentation on stage — they managed to connect with the hundreds of crypto enthusiasts that were interested in the company products.

Inside The Event

During the event, the team at One Button Capital was connecting with people at the booth and around the event location, collecting signups, and handing out printed brochures and monthly reports.

Booth of One Button Capital

Keynote Speech

One Button Capital co-founder and CEO Max Yampolsky were giving a speech during the show to the audience of hundreds of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

Max Yampolsky on stage

The topic of the talk was Investing During Bear Markets which gave pressing insights into some of the techniques for effective money management during severe market downturns.

For those who could not make it to the event, there was an opportunity to watch the live stream of all the panel talks.

The support during the expo was unparalleled. Team members and OB Capital investors and keep our online presence on a high level as well.


The appearance of One Button turned out to be very fruitful. We attracted hundreds of new investors and established several key partnerships.


During the two days of Crytpo Expo Asia we got:

  • 250+ registrations for the One Button Capital retail investment app
  • 30+ signups for One Button Capital asset management fund for institutional investors with a projected AUM of $35–40m


On a mission to deliver One Button Capital services to a broader market, we established connections with several local and global exchanges to potentially integrate into the One Button Capital app.

Here are some of the exchanges we connected with:

In the meantime, the integration of, Huobi, and FTX is planned for the next 1–2 months.


Over 50 other partnerships were discussed and are currently being negotiated. The potential partners specialize in marketing, VCs, liquidity providing, and other valuable fields for our business.

Read the summary from Max on his LinkedIn as well:

Moving Forward

The Crypto Expo in Singapore was one of the best appearances for One Button Capital this year. We believe that the expansion of the business in the Asian market will give out many benefits for both existing in future investors.

Moving forward we will focus on the tasks we have set for Q3 and Q4 of 2022, with the addition of the new projects that came from our new partnerships.

For our email subscribers, we are preparing our second monthly report, which we will deliver next week. You don’t want to miss out on the comprehensive insights that our research team has gathered during June.

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Best wishes, and see you soon!

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One Click Crypto
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