One Click Crypto: 2023 Product Vision

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Product roadmap for One Click Crypto in 2023.

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One Click Crypto
December 9, 2022
Dec 9

As we are moving toward the One Click DeFi products and 1CC token launch, it makes sense to recap what we have already achieved and where we want to go.

One Click Product Roadmap

The new version of One Click Crypto is an all-encompassing one-stop web3 investment platform where users can access 1,000+ various strategies (DeFi, trading, options, etc.) and create a portfolio with One Click.

High-level flow diagram of One Click Crypto protocol. Click here for a zoomed-in image.

One Click's further development will be split into multiple phases, each focusing on one primary aspect.

Phase 1: One Click Decentralized

  • Launch of web3 routing smart contract
  • Integration of protocols on the Ethereum chain: Aave, Compound, Curve, Convex, Frax
  • Launch of 1CC staking

By the end of this product phase, users can use the One Click interface to diversify their capital into the most reputable passive interest farming protocols on Ethereum. Contract interaction will be done directly from their web3 non-custodial wallet (e.g., Metamask).

The One Click routing engine will automatically suggest the most relevant pools and allocations, yet, the users can edit the choice of strategies to their liking.

Phase 2: One Click Customized

  • Launch of robo-advisory engine
  • Set up of AI oracles
  • Dynamic rebalancing infrastructure

Once this phase is implemented, the One Click recommendation engine will be able to suggest strategies and pools based on the user's investment profile (e.g., goals, timeline, income level, etc.)

In addition to that, the rebalancing feature will be implemented, which will proactively offer allocation changes between strategies depending on the changing protocol conditions (APY/TVL/Liquidity/Risk level)

Phase 3: One Click Governed

  • Implementation of the 1CC governance model
  • Implementation of the strategy pools for portfolio managers
  • Integrations of the initial portfolio managers and non-farming strategies

By this time, the One Click protocol will achieve its scaling phase. With the introduction of investment pools, external portfolio managers and yield providers will be able to submit their applications to feature their strategies to be a part of the network.

With the governance model in place, the community and 1CC token holders can vote for new protocols and strategies to be integrated into the One Click investment app.

Phase 4: One Click Unleashed

Bringing DeFi to masses.

  • Launch of the complimentary institutional-grade and retail One Click ecosystem products, such as One Click Treasury Management, One Click Wallet, and One Click Card.
  • One Click investment interface via credit card / bank account.
  • Integrations with major fintech and banking apps.

In this phase, the protocol will extend its offering to additional products built on top of the existing ecosystem.

One Click will aim to reach global adoption through a simplified user experience tailored for non-crypto natives. Customers will be able to use One Click products directly from their credit card or a bank account without the need to have a non-custodial web3 wallet.

One Click will offer its simple DeFi integrations to a range of partners, from exchanges to modern banks aiming at crypto adoption.

Where we are today:

Existing web2.1 investment product

Launched in November 2020, we developed a non-custodial algo trading product with a simple user interface and proprietary momentum-driven strategies based on machine learning.

The existing product is rich in web2 functionality such as advanced analytics, stop loss, API integrations, email/Telegram notifications, and web3 features like wallet and NFT integrations.

Leading amongst competitor algo trading apps

According to the community and user reviews, the existing One Click product offering had proven to be a leader in the algo trading product space in a) user-friendliness, b) reliability, c) returns, and d) track record

Although the One Click trading models performed well above the market in the last 2 years, the overall market correlation is present. Since the strategies are trading spot, they are far from being market neutral.

Dependent on 3rd party (centralized exchanges)

The existing One Click product can only be used on centralized exchanges, which makes its business model reliant on the third party and restricts the scaling potential. In addition, relying on a 3rd party contradicts the decentralized ethos and makes it challenging to create a tailored user experience.

Tight and active community

Over the years, we have built a robust and engaged community with more than 21,000 registered users.

Our community consists of 50–50 of both crypto native traders/farmers and non-native passive investors, most of them avid users of algo trading and DeFi farming products in the space.

Innovation in AI+crypto+trading

The One Click project and the team have been innovating on the cutting edge of multiple industries, coming up with new concepts and unique solutions in AI technology and portfolio management.

Solid brand with a track record in crypto

With more than 2 years of market presence in web3, One Click established itself as a reliable player in the industry, trusted by thousands of users and millions in capital managed.

Where we want to be:

A go-to place for crypto investors

One Click aims to become a one-stop shop for investors (both crypto-native + non-natives) looking to deploy and grow their capital effectively.

Decentralized focused

We strive to build our products independent of 3rd party entities (such as centralized exchanges) so that users can get the benefits and transparency of decentralized finance.

Market neutral

One Click will aim to deliver a close-to-market-neutral investment experience where the end user can receive gains regardless of whether the markets are moving up, down, or sideways. The most optimal risk-to-reward ratio will be achieved by bringing together the power of hundreds of the top DeFi protocols and portfolio managers under one roof.

A go-to web3 community hub

We strive to become a place for education and communication where both degen and non-degen comingle.

A go-to place for investment managers

One Click aims to become a place the top investment managers want to become a part of by either featuring their strategies or managing assets.

A place for protocols to want to be integrated

One Click is the ultimate DeFi investment aggregator, which new and existing protocols would want to be a part of and get access to capital.

A product that drives crypto adoption in mainstream markets

With One Click products, we want to onboard as many new users to web3 as possible and drive crypto adoption in mainstream markets.

A fund that supports further adoption and the ecosystem

At some point in the future, we want to support promising projects and talented teams in the ecosystem with grants and funding.

A secure, reliable, and user-friendly brand in the crypto industry and beyond

We aim to maintain our solid presence in the industry and bring our products together with our values to the mass market.

A protocol for mainstream fintech apps to integrate into and partner with

By achieving significant product growth combined with overall crypto market adoption, One Click aims to become a go-to partner for major fintech industry players to offer DeFi products to their customers.

With AI and blockchain technologies getting wider adoption, the future looks more exciting than ever. At One Click, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in both industries and improve the way people do finance.

Grow your Crypto with One Click.

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One Click Crypto
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