One Click Crypto At TOKEN2049 -  London, 2022

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November 2022 summary of One Click Crypto's appearance at TOKEN2049 in London.

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One Click Crypto
December 1, 2022
Dec 1

After One Click Crypto’s campaigns in Singapore, Bali, and Dubai, it was time for the company to return to its home continent, Europe. Specifically, One Click was pleased to attend one of the most important Web3 events of the year, TOKEN2049, between Nov 9–10 in London.

About TOKEN2049 London

TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event held annually in Singapore and London, where CEOs and founders of the leading Web3 companies share their market insights. TOKEN2049 unites the global crypto industry, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts, and international media, creating unparalleled networking opportunities.

Picture from inside of TOKEN2049, London.

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is a software development company consisting of a DeFi AI-enabled protocol and a one-click investment app. One Click allows direct indexing into top DeFi protocols with a dynamic asset reallocation between protocols/strategies powered by AI-enabled data oracles.

One Click Crypto was founded in the Netherlands in 2020 to conquer emerging markets, such as managing non-traditional assets (cryptocurrencies) via a Web2.1 app that includes AI trading bots, Binance/CRO/Kraken integration, rebalancing, stop-loss, web3 wallet, NFT, email/Telegram notifications, and more.

One Click Crypto’s vision is to become the CeDeFi frontier, uniting retail and institutional investors in a seemingly simple platform for all-around crypto and Web3 investments powered entirely by neural networks and machine learning.

Grow your Crypto with One Click.

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One Click Crypto
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One Click Crypto
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