One Click Crypto Integrates Pendle Pools

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One Click Crypto and Pendle Pools: Redefining DeFi Yield Farming

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One Click Crypto
August 10, 2023
Aug 10

One Click lists Pendle pools on the app. SY is a token standard that streamlines the interaction with yield-bearing tokens in DeFi by wrapping them into a standardized API, thereby enhancing composability across protocols and simplifying user experience by automating the conversion process.

The following pools were added:

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About Pendle

Pendle is a permissionless yield-trading protocol that tokenizes yield, allowing users to maximize their earnings from yield-bearing assets by executing various yield-management strategies, including fixed yield, long yield, and providing liquidity, thereby bringing elements of the traditional finance interest derivative market into DeFi.

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is an AI-powered DeFi portfolio assistant that allows users to diversify their portfolios, save on gas fees, generate optimal risk-reward yields, and farm effectively across multiple chains with unique strategies and dynamic rebalancing.

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One Click Crypto
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