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One Click Crypto Integrates Radiant
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September 4, 2023

One Click Crypto Integrates Radiant

Fueling Protocol Growth: One Click Crypto Welcomes Radiant into Its Selection of Pools

One Click Crypto Integrates Radiant

One Click lists Radiant pools on the app. Radiant generates yield through a system where users deposit and lock a minimum of 5% dLP tokens relative to their deposit size, enabling them to earn natural market rates and activate RDNT emissions, thus incentivizing long-term participation and promoting protocol growth.

About Radiant

Capital in DeFi is extremely fragmented across chains, evidenced by the dozens of different money markets, all with their own liquidity.

Lenders decide on a chain, and the assets they withdraw must exist on that same chain.

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is an AI-powered DeFi portfolio assistant that allows users to diversify their portfolios, save on gas fees, generate optimal risk-reward yields, and farm effectively across multiple chains with unique strategies and dynamic rebalancing.

One Click Labs

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