Performer Trading Strategy -- AI To Sell At All - Time Highs

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Detailed overview of the next-generation trading AI live on OB Trader

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July 1, 2021
Jul 1

At OB (One Button) Trader, we build trading bots powered by AI machine learning models.

Before the recent market crash, we released a new bot type — Performer — powered by the latest AI model.

Although it couldn't show exceptional gains during the -50% May-July 2021 market decline, Performer is currently looking like one of the most promising AI types at OB Trader.

What makes Performer unique?

As the other OB Trader bots, Performer is trained using evolution strategies — machine learning concept which uses optimization technique based on ideas of evolution.

Performer is the seventh generation of the new bot types based on the Performer AI architecture. It is an innovative machine learning framework that significantly boosts speed and performance in training compared to other types of AI models.

Combining Performer model type with trading markets makes Performer stand out compared to other trading bots.

What does (x128) stand for?

Another key advantage of the Performer over the different AI bots is that it uses 128 data inputs compared to 32 and 64 for other bot types. It indicates that it can process much more data looking backward during market scans, which means it can better identify patterns in market activity.

How does Performer work?

Performer works similarly to other OB Trader bots of the same category. When activated, every 4 hours, it does market scans — retrieving new market data with a new candlestick. Based on the latest data and detected price patterns, the bot defines if it's a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

Then, Performer calculates the confidence threshold (e.g., how confident is it in the decision) — range from 0-100. It includes factors like the amount of risk and the expected change in the market. Then, Performer decides on the amount of asset to be bought/sold using the confidence threshold value.

What orders does it use to make trades?

Currently, Performers can trade only on spot markets. This type of bots trades with market orders,

What is the expected trading frequency?

Based on our initial testing, Performer bots make 3-13 trades per week on average.

Performer trades more frequently when there is a rapid price movement. If there is no change in the market, Performer is unlikely to make new trades.

What are its strengths?

Spots all-time highs. One of the most notable traits of the Performer we noticed during the initial testing is that it is very good at spotting all-time highs.

Generalizes well. Generalization in AI means that the model can adapt to new environments more easily. That makes Performer flexible and trade well in the unseen markets or during new market conditions.

Maintains value. Performers are solid at securing gained profits. Even during a downtrend market, Performer tends not to lose too much of its earnings acquired during the uptrend. Performer's drawdown ratio is usually much lower than the market's.

What are its weaknesses?

Stateless. Performer only uses market conditions while trading. It doesn't consider your current position. Unlike other bots like Ascendant, the Performer bot doesn't take your portfolio into account. Therefore, it can lead to multiple Performer bots making the same trades (at the same market.

What types of markets should it be good at?

Volatile markets with a lot of activity are the best fields for Performer bots.

Therefore, Performers are optimized to gain profits during bull cycles and minimize losses during bear markets.

What market pairs should it be good at?

Performer is a generalized AI model, which means that it performs well on all USD-based market pairs.

Backtesting results

Performer vs ADA:USDT

When backtested on ADA:USDT over the 2019-2020 time period, we can see how Performer manages to secure winning trades during the uptrend and not lose too much value during the downtrend.We can see that the maximum drawdown for Performer bot during this period was -53.92% when ADA itself dropped by -70% from the highs of $0.10 to $0.03.In the end, $10,000 invested in Cardano on January 1, 2019, would result in $8,246 after one year. When with Performer, you would get $10,427.80, beating the underlying asset by +21.97% for this year.

Performer vs EOS:USDT

EOS:USDT is certainly one of the most successful market pairs for Performer.

We can see how Performer manages to spot the highs and nail the sell trades perfectly at the top of the market.

When backtested over the 2019-2020 time period, Performer gained +158.55% ROI trading on EOS:USDT market pair, when EOS had only increased by +3.11%.

Performer vs Astral

Since Performer is the first bot in its generation that went live on OB Trader, we can only compare it with the most similar existing AI type.

The closest bot type to Performer is Astral because it uses a similar stateless way of trading.

If we compare Performer to Astral, Performer outperforms it based on multiple occasions:

  • It uses more data points than Astral (128 vs 64)
  • Performer uses a much more innovative machine learning framework at its backbone
  • Because Performer was trained later than Astral, it has a better rewards structure during its training, which makes it much more efficient in trading

Backtesting: Performer vs Astral

Below are the backtesting results for ADA:USDT over the 2019-2020 time period for Performer and Astral v5 (different from Astral v5-early).

Despite Astral making almost 4 times more trades than Performer, it couldn't sustain its value the same way Performer did during the market downtrend.

Astral v5 resulted in a -15.17% ROI, beating the market by just +2.36% over the year.

Performer made much more reasonable trades, securing +4.43% ROI and outperforming the market by +21.97%.


Performer is one of the most underappreciated trading bots on OB Trader. During backtesting runs and the recent market crash, Performer AI demonstrated excellent performance at spotting all-time highs and minimizing the losses in market crashes.

Despite its weakness in considering its current position, Performer's strengths make it one of the best trading AIs available on the market.

You can create Performer v7 trading bot for FREE here.

Enjoy the ride 🚀

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