Announcing 4-month $100,000 OBT buyback program. Read the full announcement

Token Buyback Program

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One Click allocates $100,000 to buy OBT tokens from PancakeSwap throughout the next 4 months.

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One Click Crypto
January 30, 2023
Jan 30

We are happy to announce the token buyback program aimed at strengthening One Click Crypto’s position on the market.

How it works

Using part of the investment funds raised during the seed round, One Click Crypto will start purchasing OBT tokens directly from the open market on OBT/BNB pair on PancakeSwap.

One Click will allocate $100,000 to buy OBT tokens from PancakeSwap throughout the next 4 months.

Token purchases will be automated and done multiple times per day.

The purchased tokens will remain locked until the launch of 1CC token.

Why are we doing the buyback?

There are a few advantages of doing the token repurchase, namely:

  • Bootstrap the company treasury holdings
  • Ensure token price stability and increase market liquidity
  • Facilitate the token demand and reward existing investors
  • Get ready for the upcoming 1CC launch

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is a blockchain development company that builds the next wave of DeFi products powered by AI technology and aimed at user-centric simplicity.

One Click Crypto was launched in late 2019 as an asset management company with its own trading bot app that allows users to create trading bots powered by AI strategies on centralized exchanges like Binance.

Grow your crypto with One Click,
One Click Crypto Team

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