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Airdrop Rewards with AgriDEX: Early Bird Secrets!
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May 17, 2024

Airdrop Rewards with AgriDEX: Early Bird Secrets!

Airdrop Rewards with AgriDEX: Early Bird Secrets!

Discover How AgriDEX is Revolutionizing the $2.7 Trillion Agriculture Industry on Solana and Learn How to Secure Your Spot for Early Airdrop Rewards

Why Should You Care?

The key to success in airdrop farming is to be early. Here is a super early opportunity that you don’t want to miss.  AgriDEX—a project that’s catching fire with two hot narratives: Solana and Real World Assets (RWA).

What Is It?

AgriDEX is a RWA marketplace on Solana, looking to bring the $2.7 Trillion Agriculture industry on-chain. Agriculture is not to be undermined as it accounts for 10% of global trade. That’s HUGE!

They also just raised $5M from top investors in a pre-seed funding round. Also InvestAnswers a Youtuber with more than 500K subscribers mentioned them in their recent YouTube video.

How to Get Involved?

What to do now to be positioned for the upcoming Airdrop: You know you are early when we are at Phase 0:

  1. Join Discord: Get in there, be active to get the OG Farmers role. You’ve got a week left for this golden opportunity. Join here.
  2. Complete the Galxe Quest: A chance to win Early Bird Whitelist spots by completing Galxe quest. Start your quest here in One Click.

That’s all for now, keep checking One Click for more updates soon to come.

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