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One Button Token

One Click Crypto

One Button Trade

Invest in the future of AI/ML trading

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Last 30 days
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Last 30 days
Average Monthly Return:


Last 30 days
Average Monthly Return:

It's already live

Our Al beats the market by
per month

How the token is used

The clockwork-like transparent ecosystem.
Grow your portfolio more conveniently than before

AI Fuel
Transparent Fees
AI Marketplace

Supply your Al with fuel

Launch your AI traders with OB coin. Clipper, Ascendant, and the rest of the AI strategies on One Button Capital will take OB token as a fee for their performance.

No more need to use credit cards and bank accounts. Invest in crypto, pay trading fees in crypto, and get rewarded in crypto.

Transparent Fees

Transparent fees

There is no more need to pay a monthly subscription for using the service. The fees will be deducted automatically out of each trade in OB token.

Pay as you go. Cancel any time. Literally. The purchased OB tokens will always be available for you no matter if you use them or not.


Reward system

Get rewarded for your referrals with OB tokens added directly to your wallet. Bring more users on OB Trader and earn fees from their trades.

Award the invitees with the discounted fees as well.


Discount system

Buy OB tokens and enjoy the laddered discounts of being the large holder.

The more OB token you hold, the lower the service fees.

AI Marketplace

Rewards for AI developers

The trading AI developers can submit their AI models to be featured at One Button Capital. They will be rewarded with OB tokens based on the trading fees of each user.

Token Details

Binance Chain
Total Supply:
Contract Address:
Buy/Sell Tax:
0.1% (0.05% burned, 0.05% dev wallet)
Audited By:
Antier Solutions
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Token Allocation

Token Distribution

Team & Incentives:
Community & User Incentives:
Future Investors:

Resource Allocation

Product Development:


Token Holders



25% release at TGE, 2-year vesting


25% release at TGE, 1-year vesting

Team & Incentives

2-year vesting, 6-month cliff


100% release at TGE

Future Investors / Reserves

2-year vesting, 1-year cliff

Early Investors

25% release at TGE, 12-month vesting


12-month lockup. 10% per month option to remove thereafter

Our roadmap

The AI development roadmap of One Button Capital

Jan 2020

Project Start

The first idea to make an easy-to-use AI trading model appeared. Research and prototyping have begun.

Apr 2020

The First AI Prototype Backtested

The first AI model was successfully backtested on historical data of the Bitcoin market.

Jun 2020

Real-Time Trading AI On The Spot Market

The model was tested on real-time trading on Binance exchange.

Sep 2020

3 New AI Models

New AI concepts and architectures were formed and developed.

Nov 2020

2 Supported Exchanges, Public Beta Test

Introducing Kraken exchange. Launching a public beta test with the initial community. Gathering data.

Jan 2021

5 AI Models, Limit Order Trading AI

Creating models for trading using limit orders. Building a new generation of previous models.

Apr 2021

Public Stats, 7 AI Models, 3 Supported Exchanges

Introducing the web page with public statistics about all the trading AI. Adding support for Binance.US

Aug 2021

Advanced Reporting, 8 AI Models, 5 Supported Exchanges

Improving the dashboard design, email notifications, and reports. Rolling out BitPanda Pro and Bitvavo exchanges.

Oct 2021

$OBT Token Launch

OB token IDO. Product tokenization and Pancakeswap listing

Dec 2021


Implementation of Token Utilities and Building the Ecosystem.

Jan 2022

Futures Trading AI

Testing and releasing AI to trade on Binance Futures

Feb 2022

Portfolio Management AI (Multi-Market)

Implementing AI to trade multiple market pairs at the same time. True One Button trading experience.

June 2022

12 AI Models, 7 Exchanges, Ensemble AI

Adding a new type of AI decision-making that involves multiple models at the same time. New AI architectures, more exchanges support.

Aug 2022

Sentiment Analysis AI, 18 AI Models, 11 Exchanges

Integrating the module for processing online media for sentiment analysis. Support for more exchanges

Nov 2022

AI Developers Marketplace, Real-Time Training AI

Introducing the marketplace for the developers of AI models. The developers can train and upload their own models to trade on One Button Trader


AI For Stocks, Forex, 80 Verified AI Models

Adding support for stocks and forex trading. Vetting 80 new models from AI developers.


One Button Exchange

Introducing AI-driven OB exchange

Read More

How our AI makes investors succeed. In details.

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Lithium Partnership for One Click Crypto Rewards

Lithium Partnership for One Click Crypto Rewards

Test AI crypto trading bots for free and win OBT tokens and other Web3 rewards.

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8 Greatest Crypto Trades (+945,000% ROI?)

8 Greatest Crypto Trades (+945,000% ROI?)

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We work with

Our Team

Travis Murphy

Investor and Community Relationship Lead

Yiqun Fang

Product Designer

Vadym Ovcharenko


Laurance Gerges

Graphic Designer

Peter Anthony

Business Development Lead (APAC)

Max Yampolsky


Twan van den Akker

Head of Administration

Stoyan Ivanov


Ferris Kwaijtaal

AI Tech Lead

Dhemz Pontioso

Admin & QA Manager

Enkhbat Enkhtaivan

Backend and AI Developer

Roman Zhuravlov

Head of Marketing

Ruud Hagen


Volodymyr Truba

Backend and AI Developer

Ivan Klyzhenko

UI/UX Designer

Art Abrio

Community Manager


Rubing DuangRubing DuangRubing DuangRubing Duang

Rubing Duang

Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and CTO @ Pythagoras
David KimDavid KimDavid KimDavid Kim

David Kim

Ex-GE, Seasoned banker, Founder and Chairman @ North Head Capital Partners
Ben SyneBen SyneBen SyneBen Syne

Ben Syne

Founder @ Blockchain Portfolio Management | Algo Trading System Designer
Michael SitesMichael SitesMichael SitesMichael Sites

Michael Sites, Private Equity | AI, Crypto & Blockchain
Charles RussellCharles RussellCharles RussellCharles Russell

Charles Russell

Head of Advisory at Arca Invest, G4 Capital Partners
Tom BrunoTom BrunoTom BrunoTom Bruno

Tom Bruno

Portfolio Manager / Quantitative Developer
Kristina LillienekeKristina LillienekeKristina LillienekeKristina Lillieneke

Kristina Lillieneke

Blockchain, AI & Crypto Specialist | Founder & Innovator | Academic Research
Cahill CamdenCahill CamdenCahill CamdenCahill Camden

Cahill Camden

CMO at Byte Media Group, Coinberry, Author of "What Is Cryptocurrency"
Robert KuijvenhovenRobert KuijvenhovenRobert KuijvenhovenRobert Kuijvenhoven

Robert Kuijvenhoven

Enterprise Architect at Gocos

Our customers and their trading AI

Total AI trading time
Average profit/month
Total trades

There is no other product on the market that can match the capability of One Click Crypto when the optimal market pair and AI is matched. One Click Crypto is the market leader when it comes to developing AI, as proven by these results over a 135d trading period. Trading on spot, going +25% in a -55% market is insane.


Investor, Active user

Some bots started well, and suddenly the market outperformed them, and I was wondering what's going on. But in the end the market turned and the bots were right. One Click Crypto is the easiest and best, and they are developing further bots which as far as I know have even better results.


Investor, Active user

I always wondered how they developed such effective algorithms? One Click Crypto is one of the fewer tools that can beat the Buy-and-Hold strategy

Maikel van Oirschoot

Investor, Active user

I have only been using One Click Crypto for a few weeks now, but I am very satisfied so far. I especially appreciate the transparency and dedication of the team. You guys are always ready to help and think with the user, and even on the weekend, I get a response from support. I really notice that the One Click Crypto team works on the product with a lot of fun and passion. I would say for now: Keep up the great work. 🚀

Stan Reinhout

Investor, Active user

Allow me to say I love it. Together with the other bots users, we love the transparency and the concept of having control and visibility on what happens on your Binance account.

Yves Janssens

Investor, Active user

I think my Astral is broken, its just started printing money.


Investor, Active user

Only real problem will be, convincing my friend that the bots can actually be this good, lol.

Jeff Kash

Investor, Active user