Maximize Your Earnings: Top 5 DePin Airdrops for PC and Phone Users

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Uncover the best DePin airdrops for PC and phone users, such as Grass Network, UpRock, AIOZ Network, KOII Network, and other lucrative opportunities. Don't miss out!

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May 14, 2024
May 14

Ready to turn your digital downtime into a cash cow? Let’s dive into some juicy opportunities that’ll have your devices earning while you sip your favorite beverage. Here are some exciting opportunities in the AI and DePin space that allow you to earn rewards effortlessly.

Grass Network

Grass Network is a protocol on Solana that enables a decentralized network of 2M+ devices to scrape the public internet’s data, validate it, and make it accessible for training AI models. They Raised a total of 4.5M from top tier backers including Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital.

This allows you to earn points by installing a Chrome extension and providing spare internet bandwidth. With points trading at ~$0.0026 on Whales Market, you are looking at making $150–200/month.

Safety tip: Use a dedicated device or create a guest WiFi network for added security.

Checkout the step-by-step guide to farm Grass Network Airdrop on One Click App.


UpRock, a DePIN network, gathers data for training AI models. Simply register and install their app on Android or macOS to start earning rewards. UpRock was recognized as a winner in Jupiter LFG Round #2 and will launch its token soon on LFG Launchpad.

Join UpRock here: UpRock

AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is a Cosmos-built and EVM-compatible DePin network for Web3 AI, Storage, Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD) content that is on the mission to reward users for their computational power with $AIOZ tokens, the fuel driving the entire ecosystem.

Alongside the blockchain is the AIOZ dCDN platform with AI integration capable of achieving unlimited bandwidth. This is Web3’s superior solution that dApps can use for affordable file storage and media streaming, all powered by the community of AIOZ Edge Node operators.

Join as an Edge Node Operator by downloading their software on your PC. Earn tokens and enjoy 10%+ APY from staking.

Join AIOZ Network here: AIOZ Network

KOII Network

Koii Nodes are decentralized computers that participate in the Koii Network. They perform various functions such as validating transactions, maintaining the blockchain, and ensuring the integrity and security of the network.

Participants who run Koii Nodes are incentivized through KOII tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Koii Network. These rewards are distributed based on the node’s contributions to the network, such as validating transactions, hosting content, and tracking attention metrics.

Download Koii Node here: Koii Node

Honorable Mentions, Aethir, Rivalz, and Nosana are noteworthy projects where you can earn rewards by lending compatible GPUs or purchasing their Nodes. Keep an eye on updates for more details.


  1. Grass Network: Join a decentralized network on Solana, earning points by sharing internet bandwidth via a Chrome extension. Points can be traded for around $150–200 per month on Whales Market.
  2. UpRock: Earn by registering and installing their app on Android or macOS, with iOS support coming soon. UpRock was a winner in the recent Jupiter LFG Round #2, with its token set to launch on LFG Launchpad.
  3. AIOZ Network: Participate in Web3 AI, Storage, Live Streaming, and VOD content by running their Node software on your PC. Earn $AIOZ tokens and enjoy 10%+ APY from staking.
  4. KOII Network: Join decentralized computing with Koii Nodes, earning KOII tokens for validating transactions, maintaining the blockchain, and more. Currently in Testnet with tokens convertible 1:1 upon Mainnet launch.
  5. Honourable Mentions: Explore, Aethir, Rivalz, and Nosana for opportunities with compatible GPUs or purchased Nodes.

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