Rollux Airdrop: Get Ready to Claim Your Share

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Get a sneak peek into Rollux's upcoming airdrop plans and how you can prepare to claim your rewards

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May 2, 2024
May 2


Today, let’s dive into the vibrant world of Rollux, the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, offering a Modular Layer 2 solution secured by Syscoin and Bitcoin. But also about opportunities that drop from the sky (well, airdrop opportunities, to be precise).

Rollux: The Secure and Scalable EVM Rollup

Rollux stands out in the blockchain arena for its robust security infrastructure, leveraging Syscoin and Bitcoin for unmatched security. With an EVM for execution and a custom-built Data Availability (DA) mechanism, Rollux ensures both security and scalability, making it a standout choice for developers and users alike.

Imagine a fortress guarded by dragons (well, okay, maybe not dragons but Syscoin and Bitcoin), ensuring your treasures (data and transactions) are safe and scalable. That’s Rollux for you!

Unlocking The Airdrop

Now, let’s talk about the juicy stuff — airdrops! Rollux hints at a potential airdrop initiative, offering early adopters strategic positioning opportunities.

Here’s how you can start your airdrop hunt with Rollux:

Step 1
: Hop onto Rollux’s airdrop page on One Click Crypto. It’s like stepping into a gold mine, but instead of pickaxes, you just need your keyboard and mouse.

Rollux page on One Click

Step 2: Complete the tasks listed on the airdrop checklist. Think of it as completing quests in a game, but the rewards are real! Complete all the listed steps. We will keep updating the task airdrop checklist, so remember to check in 2–3 days.

Airdrop Checklist - Task listed to participate

Step 3: Dive into Syscoin’s Galxe Campaigns. Participating in Galxe campaigns by Syscoin, especially social tasks, can provide additional opportunities and insights into Rollux’s ecosystem and the airdrop.

Optional Steps:

  1. Acquire the Rollux Spark NFT: As suggested by Joao Fernandes, a key figure at Syscoin/Rollux, obtaining the Rollux Spark NFT could signify early participation and potential eligibility for airdrops.
  2. SYS Tokens: Prioritizing SYS tokens can facilitate smooth gas transactions within Rollux’s ecosystem.


Rollux presents a compelling narrative in the blockchain sphere, combining security, scalability, and potential airdrop opportunities. As the project unfolds, staying informed and strategically engaging with Rollux’s ecosystem can pave the way for early adopters to leverage its offerings effectively.

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