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Maximize Your Linea Airdrop Rewards: The Ultimate Guide
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May 19, 2024

Maximize Your Linea Airdrop Rewards: The Ultimate Guide

Maximize Your Linea Airdrop Rewards: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the best strategies to maximize your Linea airdrop rewards. Learn about Volts, LXP-L, and top opportunities to boost your earnings on the Linea blockchain.

LINEA is a blockchain project that aims to provide a decentralized and scalable infrastructure for various applications. It offers Layer 2 solutions, enabling fast and cost-effective transactions on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). With its focus on DeFi and ZK technology, LINEA aims to enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of Ethereum.

Volt 1 of Linea Surge has officially started! There will be a total of 6 Volts and each Volt runs for 1 month. The LXP-L that you earn decays after each volt. So, you should start sooner rather than later.

This is your detailed guide on how to maximize your Linea airdrop.

Important points to note about Volts and LXP-L:

  • LXP-L is the points system designated for liquidity on Linea during the Surge.
  • The Surge lasts for 6 Volts (each Volt runs for 1 month), or when Linea reaches $3B in TVL, whichever is sooner.
  • The LXP-L earned decays after each Volt (1.5x for Volt 1, 1.3x for Volt 2, 1.2x for Volt 3, and 1x in Volts 4–6), rewarding early adopters.
  • Not all assets are weighted the same. ETH and LRTs deposited in DEXes or Lending Platforms provide the most LXP-L.

How does the Surge work?

Linea wants to grow their TVL to $3B within 6 months so they want your liquidity. Not your transaction volume and transaction count. Just your deposits, into participating protocols.

In return, you will get LXP-L as well as protocol incentives to do so. LXP-L is rewarded for qualifying assets that you put on the Linea chain.

How to maximize your points?

  • This airdrop comes with a ‘Hard’ difficulty level, meaning you’ll need to tackle a range of tasks that are a bit more intricate and might require some guidance. Don’t sweat it, though! You can check out the Airdrop checklist on the One Click airdrop tracker for a detailed step-by-step guide to help you farm this airdrop like a pro.
  • If you haven’t already, you need to register your wallet with an invite code.
  • If you need to bridge (more) assets over, here are ones with ongoing Points Program:
    - deBridge — Lightning-fast transactions, not the cheapest but supports bridging between L2s and Solana.
    - Jumper Exchange — Supports most L2s, with limited support for Solana.
    - Owlto Finance — Supports the most chains, and is cheap to use.

Best Lego Opportunities:

We will focus on LRTs (EtherFi’s weETH) on DEXes and Lending Platforms since this provides the maximum LXP-L from Linea as well as the best Lego opportunities.

1. EtherFi x Mendi Finance — 4-in 1:

LXP-L, EtherFi Loyalty Points + Eigen Layer Points + Mendi Incentives.

  • You can now stake ETH with EtherFi directly on Linea to avoid high gas fees.
  • Depositing weETH on Mendi Finance earns you 9%+ base APY, 5.8% APY in Mendi Tokens (no lock), 2x EtherFi Loyalty Points, 1 x Eigen Layer Points, MLP-L Mendi Loyalty Points for a share of their Linea airdrop.
  • You can optionally leverage farm by looping weETH to potentially 6x these points (at a cost, of course, watch the borrow APY and health ratio. Do so responsibly please)

You can achieve this similarly with ZeroLend but weETH is in isolated mode only which gives you less flexibility.

2. EtherFi x Gravita Protocol x ZeroLend x Turtle Club — 6-in-1:

LXP-L, EtherFi Loyalty Points + EL Points + $ZERO incentives + Gravita Marks + Turtle Points.

  • With your weETH, open a vessel at Gravita Protocol and borrow GRAI against it (gives you EtherFi Loyalty Points + Eigen Layer Points + Gravita Marks)
  • Deposit the GRAI into ZeroLend for 2 x Gravita Marks, ZERO token incentives, and Turtle Points
  • To earn Turtle Points, you need to register your wallet here.

3. Optional:

If you hold $FOXY, the iconic meme coin of Linea and closely tied to MetaMask and Consensys, you can LP FOXY/WETH on Lynex to earn both LXP-L and 300%+ APY.

You can check your LXP-L on the Linea Dashboard starting 20 May.

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