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The Restaking Wars Are Heating Up!
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June 22, 2024

The Restaking Wars Are Heating Up!

Eigen Layer was the first mover, but it is not the only player in town, neither is Ethereum the only battleground. Some of these opportunities are early and time-sensitive.

The Restaking Wars Are Heating Up!

1. Mitosis

Mitosis is a liquidity provision project that offers a modular DeFi solution. The project aims to provide an easy and accessible way for users to participate in liquidity provision and earn rewards. With a focus on simplicity and user-friendly interfaces, Mitosis aims to attract a wide range of users to its platform.

The project has received funding of $7,000,000 from notable backers such as Amber Group, Foresight Ventures, GSR, and more.

Epoch 4 is open and uncapped. Manta and OP are no longer accepting deposits, while we are waiting for Linea to whitelist Mitosis for The Surge.

So far, Prime Protocol, Karak, and Ionic have submitted EOL Proposals here is the referral link.

How To Farm Mitosis Airdrop?
To participate in the Mitosis Airdrop, users will need to bridge liquidity to the Mitosis L2 network and perform activities related to liquidity provision.

By doing so, users can earn rewards in the form of airdrop points, which are expected to be convertible to Mitosis tokens in the future.

Find more details about the specific tasks and requirements for farming the airdrop One Click Airdrop app.

2. Symbiotic

Funded by the founders of Lido and backed by Paradigm, Symbiotic is another Eigen Layer competitor that is allowing the restacking of any ERC-20 token, significantly expanding the addressable market.

While pools are filled, you can deposit via EtherFi’s Super Symbiotic Vault. Ethena and LayerZero recently announced a partnership with Symbiotic, $ENA and $USDe pools will open on 26 June. Staked $ENA in Symbiotic will receive the following rewards:

  • 30x SATs
  • Symbiotic points
  • Mellow points
  • Future potential LayerZero RFP allocations (if allocated)

Find more information on how to farm Symbiotic airdrop on One Click app.

3. Karak Network

Raised $48M from Coinbase & Pantera, Karak is a universal restaking layer compatible with a wide range of assets, including LSTs, USDe, and Pendle.

Already with $1B in TVL, you can easily chain this for more points, potentially Mantle’s LSP.

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