One Click Crypto Ambassador Program v2: Join DeFi 3.0 and Earn!

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Join the DeFi revolution and get rewarded from the massive community pool!

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July 11, 2023
Jul 11

Calling all DeFi enthusiasts, community contributors, social media influencers, and content creators! One Click Crypto, a pioneering DeFi 3.0 protocol backed by the best-in-class, is launching an exclusive ambassador program, and we are inviting YOU to join us on this journey.

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is an innovative cross-chain DeFi yield protocol, bringing the best of DeFi 1.0 and 2.0s, combining it into the innovative model dubbed DeFi 3.0. It uniquely allows the creation of personalized, low-cost, cross-chain yield portfolios with an outstandingly user-friendly experience and AI-customized risk profiles.

One Click Crypto was launched back in 2019, and since then generated more than $550 million in trading volume with its CeFi trading products, and attracted more than 50,000 traders and farmers to use their platform. In late 2022, One Click Crypto extended its product offerings to DeFi, raised a VC-backed pre-seed round, and launched an AI-powered yield aggregator.

Why One Click Crypto Ambassador Program?

Our ambassador program offers an unprecedented opportunity to be part of the vibrant One Click Crypto community, contributing to and spreading awareness about the DeFi revolution we’re leading.

By participating in our program, not only will you be joining an exciting project poised to reshape the web3 landscape, but you will also be generously rewarded with our native tokens from a vast community pool.

In total, One Click Crypto allocates 15% of the token supply to community incentives.

Here’s What To Expect:

Become Part of a Revolutionary Project: Be at the forefront of DeFi innovation, pioneering a project committed to redefining the DeFi landscape.

Earn Generous Rewards: Ambassadors can earn rewards in the form of One Click Crypto’s (1CC) native tokens, ETH, and stablecoins.

Join a Vibrant Community: Engage with a fast-growing community of DeFi enthusiasts.

Influence the Future of DeFi: Play an active role in the growth and direction of One Click Crypto.

Who Can Become an Ambassador?

We are inviting ambassadors across three main categories:

  1. Community Contributors: Manage and build our community.
Community Contributor

2. Energizers: Active advocates who spread the word about One Click Crypto across various DeFi communities.


3. Content Creators: Produce high-quality content to amplify the One Click Crypto message

Content Creator

How to Join

Pre-register for the Ambassador program by filling out this form —

You will get a message when qualified.

Ready to Join the Revolution?

Embrace the future of DeFi with One Click Crypto. Join our ambassador program today, be part of our mission to reshape DeFi, and earn rewards while doing so.

Let’s reshape the world of DeFi together, one click at a time!

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