2022 In Review: One Click Crypto

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How we continued building the best Web3 and DeFi products even during the bear market.

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Max Yampolsky
December 31, 2022
Dec 31

Our 2022 Journey

2022 has been turbulent for the crypto industry, and it has also been transformative for One Click. Our company has undergone multiple changes and achieved important milestones, from launching an NFT collection on Solana to an institutional trading bot offering and the announcement of the DeFi platform later this year.

Below is a timeline of our most significant highlights of the year.

Product Hunt Launch

On Apr 21, 2022, we were listed on Product Hunt — a website that features new products, mainly in the tech industry. It’s an excellent resource for companies to showcase and launch their products to a community of early adopters and tech enthusiasts. Products can be upvoted and given feedback.

At the time of the listing, One Click Crypto was still One Button Trading, focusing on producing AI-powered software for crypto traders and retail investors. Our users did a phenomenal job helping us during the campaign!

At its peak ranking for the day, our listing almost stayed in the top 3 overall.

Our listing ranked number one for #crypto, #fintech, #web3 & #investing during the day of our Product Hunt campaign.

One Button Capital Rebrand

On May 19, 2022, we made a significant shift in the direction of our company. One Button Trading officially became One Button Capital, and with that, we underwent a complete rebranding of our website, platform, and image.

One of our main goals with this rebranding was to drastically simplify the front-end design of our product, making it easier for our users to navigate and use. We also implemented AI-based algorithms on the backend to optimize portfolios for our users. Additionally, we decided to remove all middlemen between investors and our product, allowing for a more natural and efficient investment process for those who don’t want to choose market pairs, allocation amounts, and AI trading strategy by themselves.

The OB Capital Lite app version was born. Simplifying AI crypto investing by providing a 3-step one-click solution.

Regarding technology, we continued working on new AI trading strategies like Explorer, which was released in June. Our vision for OB Capital was to provide complete diversification of portfolios through our OBC System, which is still the case with our new DeFi focus (more on that in a bit).

We also shifted our marketing efforts to focus more on attracting institutional investors to increase our assets under management and gain more exposure in the B2B financial markets. In our offline marketing campaign, we visited over five countries, including Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Content Pipeline Launch: Weekly Letter, Monthly Reports

In 2022, we doubled down on our content marketing. We’ve added two types of recurring content to our pipeline.

1) Weekly Newsletters (32 in total; one each Monday)

On May 23, 2022, we sent out our first weekly letter covering the aftermath of Terra’s collapse.

Since then, we’ve produced 32 weekly letters covering mainly crypto’s latest news and the global macroeconomic environment. Recently we began to analyze the top DeFi trends/news in further depth. Our newsletter is first sent out through email (subscribe) and then further distributed to our blogs and social media to over 25,000 followers.

2) Monthly Reports (8 including this one)

On Jun 3, 2022, we shared our first monthly report with our email subscribers. It was a 34-page PDF that set the stage for all future releases. Since then, we’ve consistently covered each month and sent it to our subscribers within a few days after each month’s end. Our research progressively built from 101 foundation topics to more in-depth detailed analysis on subjects ranging from institutional asset management to AI, DeFi, and Web3 trends.

We further distributed our research in a shortened format through Blog and Medium articles.

Our online content generated over 60,000 organic views, with articles ranking highly on search engines like Google. Our weekly newsletter is frequently ranked top 3 under the “Crypto News” tag on Medium.

Institutional Asset Management Product Launch (20 Customers, $12M+ AUM)

This year, we expanded our AI portfolio management strategies to institutional clients, high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds, and family offices. By fine-tuning the models for larger investment amounts, we attracted more than 20 institutional customers. We achieved significant results and capital growth, reaching $12.4M in assets under management on the app at its peak.


This year’s PR and marketing efforts were fruitful for One Click Crypto.

Our team connected with thousands of other crypto enthusiasts through 8+ events across Asia and Europe while we also continued building our online presence. During the summer, we had the pleasure of having a Crypto Tour in Asia, which expanded our reach in one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency regions.

After One Click Crypto’s campaigns in Singapore, Bali, and Dubai, it was time for the company to return to its home continent, Europe. Specifically, One Click was pleased to attend one of the most important Web3 events of the year, TOKEN2049, between Nov 9–10 in London and the Next Block Expo between Nov 23–24 in Berlin.

One Click Rebranding

On Oct 25, 2022, One Button Capital rebranded as One Click Crypto to better reflect its focus on the complete blockchain ecosystem and for high-level strategic and aesthetic purposes. The rebranding also aimed to make the project more discoverable and avoid confusion with VCs.

To bring the One Click user experience to cryptocurrencies even closer, we expanded on our initial vision with a set of Web3 products aimed at bringing value to everyone, even non-crypto natives.

A Glimpse on the One Click AI dApp

Our platform will utilize artificial intelligence tools to analyze web2 and web3 and make investment recommendations based on DEX data from DEXs from 20+ blockchains. Users can easily get exposure to the top coins with just one click, and our non-custodial system will allow them to purchase crypto using a credit card or bank account without registering.

Fiat and stablecoins will be automatically allocated to the assets with the highest expected return for those who want to use yield-generating services.

Read our 2023 Product Roadmap to learn more about One Click Staking, One Click DEX, and other One Click software.

Decentralized applications (dApps) are expected to contribute to the next DeFi boom cycle significantly. By providing user-friendly, visually appealing interfaces for accessing blockchain-based financial services, dApps will facilitate the widespread adoption of DeFi and accelerate the industry’s growth. One Click is excited to be a leader in this space, offering its users the full benefits of this technology in a simplified manner.

1CC Token Announcement

On Oct 25, 2022, we also announced the launch of 1CC — a deflationary ERC-20 token that will power the One Click Crypto economy. The token will offer a range of benefits to holders, including zero trading fees on One Click Trade, automatic purchases on One Click Invest, and improved yields on One Click Stake and Farm.

It will also enhance yields, reduce One Click Treasury Management fees, and provide cashback on purchases made with One Click Card. Read about the whole 1CC ecosystem here.

1CC token allocations as of Dec 30, 2022. For the latest update, always check the numbers here.

The primary drivers of demand for 1CC are its utility in accessing premium features and strategies in One Click Crypto products and its burn mechanism. To use One Click Crypto to its full potential, users will need to hold a certain amount of 1CC in their linked wallets, with the amount depending on the access tier. Yield providers also need to hold a minimum amount of 1CC to be featured on One Click Invest. 1CC will be available for purchase on the open market or from the Ecosystem & Partnerships allocation.

Increased Focus On DeFi

On Dec 9, 2022, One Click Crypto outlined a roadmap for developing its One Click decentralized finance (DeFi) products. The roadmap is divided into four phases:

  • One Click Decentralized — focus on integrating protocols on the ETH chain and launching 1CC staking
  • One Click Customized — introduce a Robo-advisory engine, AI oracles, and dynamic rebalancing
  • One Click Governed — implementation of a governance model that allows external portfolio managers and yield providers to submit their strategies to be featured on the network
  • One Click Unleashed — bringing DeFi to the masses by launching complementary products, such as a wallet and card, and integrating with major fintech and banking apps.

The existing One Click product, a non-custodial Algo trading product, has proven successful in user-friendliness, reliability, returns, and track record but is reliant on centralized exchanges, which restricts its scaling potential.

Click here to read in detail.

Plans For 2023

The 2022 correction was tough but necessary. It weeded out many bad actors and weak hands from the market, clearing the playing field for the new generation of products and innovators.

2023 will be the year of opportunities for many smart investors and web3 product builders. One Click, with the launch of the DeFi Robo-advisory product, is going to bring more transparency and reliability to the industry and continue providing value to all users.

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Max Yampolsky

Max Yampolsky is a seasoned authority in the realm of crypto investing and blockchain technology, serving as the guiding voice behind his highly successful, #1 Google-ranked blog on web3 and token economics.

As the co-founder of a thriving AI startup and an algorithmic crypto trading firm, he translates real-world entrepreneurial success into invaluable insights for his readers.

Having immersed himself in the crypto space since 2017 and the DeFi arena since 2021, Max combines his comprehensive market understanding with a keen ability to communicate complex concepts with ease and clarity. His hands-on experience and thought leadership make him an invaluable resource for investors navigating the dynamic world of crypto investing.

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